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Definitely Not My Idea Of Wired Or Wire Rimmed

I'm bad. I sometimes fall asleep in my glasses.

I woke up a few weeks ago with glasses that fell off my face. One of the handles wouldn't work at all.

I thought it was the screw. I tried tightening it and then it fell off ...rather out, completely.

The husband poured some crazy glue in it and stuck it back in. I was so delighted that it was working.

I could wear my specs again!!! You eyeball people cannot imagine!

Next day it went lolly on me and so I took to walmart to have them tighten it or whatever. I figured they'd know more about it.

In minutes it was done and wow. I'm so excited again to wear it!  They said, they tightened and added some glue. pshaw!

Next day!!!! same thing. Handle fell out.

So I took the tie off my bagel bag and went to work on my own.

It's been almost a month of me wearing wired handle glasses.

We are not sure when I'll be able to get another frame done to hold my thick lenses. It takes moola.

But good thing I'm resourceful eh!

Not to mention, this is how I wore my glasses as a child going into adulthood. Talk about full circle.

So have you had to handle anything like this with those of you who wear glasses? 

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Or do you have your full 20/20? 

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  1. about creative! :) My cousin did the same thing. He got in an accident and the frame was damaged so he grabbed some wire and fixed it himself. I always tease him about it. I wear glasses myself, but they hold up on their wire or ties needed (as yet.) LOL

    1. Now I'm thinking of bringing ties in my bag :)
      Thanks for visiting Tami

  2. Yep, I sported the Hello Kitty duct tape look for 3 months, waiting to afford new frames when the plastic bridge went on my glasses 2 years ago. I had a 2 month old baby. #sigh

    1. someone mentioned I could use tape too. I admit this was my first option :)

  3. The very first day I got new glasses I dropped them and chipped the glass and bent the frame a bit so they rested crooked. I only use them when driving at night (though my eyes are getting worse now), so I just rolled with it but it was annoying.

    I'm noticing I can't see lots of things now a days, so I should probably get a pair and wear them all of the time, but I don't wanna (said in my best whiney voice).

    Glad you found a way to get a fix on yours. Hope you get a new pair soon though too. :)

    1. Ouch! Can you imagine the first day!!

      I know that voice. :)
      I've had to make peace with mine :)

      hopefully I can get a good pair soon. Thanks for sharing Rosey!

  4. I'll say you are resourceful! Maybe you will start a new fashion trend :)

    1. haha hm you never know right? :)
      Thanks Jen.

  5. Maybe you should patent that? ~snicker~ Open up "Callie's Fix It" Shop! You go girl! :)

    1. I think it would work for some :) lol
      You make me smile Marie.


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