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Do you do community projects with your family? - Mission Possible 2014

Do you do community projects with your family?

This April and every other April, our church has a huge community wide mission possible. We do missions all the time, but April is the time when everybody from our church get involve all at the SAME time! 
It's an awesome experience to love through our church. 

We sign up and choose what project we want to work with in the community and there are ones that we can take our children along. 
It's on a Saturday, so it's perfect for everyone to be involved. 

On the specified day, we all meet at our church for a light breakfast, prayer and to meet our group. 

We disperse into the wide community all over the city to do projects and love on people. 

The kids and I went to CUPS this year. We did our best at working hard and helping with our assigned areas. 
I always want to give 100% and ten if needed. 

We break for lunch (packed by our church members for each worker), get some time to mingle and work some more until it's time to leave. 

The good thing about working/helping in most of these places is that you can always go back whenever you want and volunteer. 

I'm glad our family takes part in these projects. I want my kids to understand how important it is to give back to the community. 

We almost didn't go. 
I felt afraid that I wouldn't know where to go or that there wouldn't be a good fit for the kids. Which was just odd since there are always project that works great for the kids in our missions. 
The fear was irrational. 

Then the last Sunday I went to church and figured I'd look and see if anything was left that would allow for me and the kids. 

Turns out the very last three spots were wide open and the project were for families with young kids. 

How is that even possible. 

We signed up and just like that, all the fear left. 

Isn't God good. 

We had a great time working with this group and I'm so glad we were able to serve. 

It was a great day to share the love of Jesus through serving. We had over 250 members serving all over the community!

One day, maybe I'll be able to go on an overseas mission too. 

Do you do community projects with your family?

Mission Possible is Trinity's annual day of serving our community. We reach out and help hundreds up people through hands-on service across our community. 

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  1. Nope, never done one. But I would! What a great idea from the church. And I know why there was a spot left. mm hhmm, I sure think I do. :)

    And yep, God is good. :)

    1. I hope you get to do one and more Rosey. You'd fit so well!

      And indeed I know too :)


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