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The Devil's Breath by Emily Kimelman - Excerpt

The Devil's Breath Excerpt
Blue left my side and I felt a chill where the dog's warmth usually touched me, against the scar on my thigh. I watched him move quickly but quietly across the room until he stood at the end of the hall with a clear view to the front door. Hugh followed my gaze and in the silence I heard footsteps approaching.

Blue's hackles raised off his shoulder and back, changing his appearance from something slick and powerful to a wooly, gigantic beast. A sound at the door and his lips pulled back from sharp, bone white canines. As I heard the doorknob turn Blue growled in a pitch so low it was almost just a vibration humming through the air.

 The whoosh of the door opening was quickly followed by an "Oh shit" and the door slamming.
"That's my friend," Hugh said, pointing at the door.

Hugh's phone rang and he grabbed it up off the counter, hitting the speaker button. "Santiago, I'm sorry-"
"Oh thank Jesus, you're okay. Hugh," the speaker took a quick breath, "I don't know how to tell you this. But," he paused for a moment and then blurted out, "there is some kind of wolf in your house. It may be a zombie. I don't know. Thing is scary!"

Hugh motioned at Blue, waving his arm, signaling for me to do something. "Blue," I said, "it's okay." He turned and looked at me, lowering his lips and deflating his hackles. They remained a bit puffed but they would smooth soon. "Come." Blue hurried to my side, his tail wagging, looking the picture of a normal, happy, giant, zombie wolf.

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