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Joy And Joy Killers

What is one thing that brings you joy? 
Is your joy dependent on outside or inside influences?

Today I almost didn't go to church.
I  was walking around yesterday in a battle with myself and my mind. Maybe it was also spiritual warfare.

Saturday went good. We got to sleep in and late in the evening we went to the store for groceries. Turns out my card expired June 30. Seriously why wasn't there another card in the mail for me? I'm usually up on all these things.

Well the card declined and the machine refused all my other two cards. WOW! That is just crazy! I tried the ATM and no go.

In the end I had to walk away from my lovely cart of groceries.  I felt embarrassed, but also odd in wondering why none of my other cards worked. I was so on point with being on budget too!

Oh and yes I was very angry about it all. Bah I still had pizza to drown my sorrows. Good thing I had that ordered before.

So the battle was on about why I should NOT go to church. I should rest. I don't want to see anyone and smile. I was angry. We wont be able to miss church when hubs return and blah blah blah the spiritual battle continued.

I woke up this morning at 6am and was delayed at home until 10:45. And yes worship begins at 10:45 and I have to drive at least 30 minutes to get to church!!!

I told myself that we would be in church worshipping, even if it's the last 10 minutes of the sermon.

When we got there, it was the last few minutes of the last song.

We got to share in communion and offering. My kids were with me, they were awake and they saw how absolutely fun our Pastor can be. They also get to learn about communion and took part in the offering plate.

God won.
Satan lost.

And that is how we give glory to our God.

And the message was about Joy!

"Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be." ---- Abraham Lincoln
Joy And Joy Killers
Take away:

Joy Killer #1: Circumstances
Choice #1 : See my circumstances from God's perspective, in spite of....
Philippians 1:18-21 

My circumstances: I didn't get any groceries, but we do still have food at home and will not starve. Why was I angry? Snap decision: I didn't get my way. I was not a good model at all with my children in full view. And the whole time I was angry, I kept thinking about my kids and what they are seeing? But did I shut up? Noooo. And even when I shut up, I could feel my mouth being pulled to keep going!!

Joy Killer #2: People (This made the whole church laugh)
Choice #2: Serve people, even those that make my life difficult   - Philippians 2:2-5

Oh yea what's wrong with those people who aren't monitoring my life to know that I'll need another card before I go to the store :)

We begin to dislike people because we begin to think that we have rights.
#1: I have a right to be happy! But God ask us to serve, he never said, sit down and get served. Jesus did not come to get served either!

Joy Killer #3: Things
Choice #3: All I really need is Jesus   - Philippians 3:8-9

It might sound all pious and such, but seriously: No one can steal your joy when your joy is Jesus :)

Joy Killer #4: Worries
Choice #4: Cast all my worries on Jesus and trust him to take care of them and all -- Philippians 4:6-7

Worry is about something that doesn't even exist!!

Which one or more of these are you battling with? When will you get joy? 

Of course, if you have a medical condition and need help, visit a doctor. Chemical imbalances are no fun, but if you are healthy, why aren't you joyful?

Joy! Spread Some! :)

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  1. Callie girl, how did you get so smart??? Love your Post & the quote by Lincoln... no truer words were ever spoken. Thanks for sharing and what a great Post for the Lord's Day! thank you dearest friend.

    1. And thank you Dolly!
      Smart? No. I just share what I learn :) Glad it's inspiring

  2. how funny that you post this...
    we have a dry erase board where we write " I LOVE YOU BECAUSE..." and then fill in the blank... Broxton wanted me to write his for his daddy...
    He put " because you bring my heart joy"

    1. Kids are such open beauty and perfection! Sigh.

      I love it!!

      Capture and keep!

      Thanks for sharing with me Noelle. Made my day!

    2. I needed to read this post today. You are such a genuine and beautiful person. Thanks for sharing, Colette :-)

    3. And you are right on time my girl.
      And thank you. For God's glory yes.

  3. I always know when I don't want to go that something good's going to happen. Like communion. ;) Sorry about the card not working!!

    1. Yup there is always a big blessing there when satan trying to keep you out :)

      Thanks Rosey. It will work out.

    2. Girl, I've had a sleeping husband, snow up to my knees, a car to shovel out of the driveway, and then a low tire all on the same Sunday morning. I knew something good was going to be going on... and it was communion. We went late, after I shoveled and aired the tire, and got there just at the end of the last song. :) #SoundFamiliar? :)

    3. Sounds very very familiar!!!
      And usually I have to forfeit communion if the hubs and I had a heated exchanged and I had not yet apologize or done a resolution. haha.

  4. Glad god won! Sometimes satan wins for me, I have all kinds of excuses. Laziness being one of the tops.

    1. Girl we are all fighting the battles.
      Win or lose God is right there with us with outstretched arms :)

  5. There have been times at the grocery store when I worry that I might need to put items back for lack of cash. It can be embarrassing.

    1. I've put stuff back too many many times, but never my whole cart!!! :)

  6. I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. :)
    It's just always there -- that's what I like to call God Love -- the good stuff. Some agape . not what the world gives. It fills all the little spaces.

    1. Shall I just say Amen? :)
      And yes I LOVE that song too :)


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