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The Mind Knows What A Vacation Is Supposed To Be Like

I am home again from visiting my mother and family.
It is hard to describe what kind of visit it was. It was a balance of wonderful and terrible. So it is hard to decide what to digest.

But the parts to see my family was very good. The parts where my mother got to see and hang out with her grandchildren, whom she hasn't seen for many years, was most wonderful!
The parts that I got to see my own nephews and my sister was lovely. I don't have much of a relationship with my sister, but there is always somewhere to begin.
I wish I had more of my nephews. So sad when family has to be so far apart.

I really wanted to be a Jamaican glutton and eat too much food that I don't get to eat, but I didn't get to as much as I wanted it so much. But alas it's life and I do have my bread.

It is hard to talk about the food. I feel like I'll fly back just for the food :) Sigh. Does that make me a glutton? But I also know, the food wouldn't be that great if I didn't have people there that I love.

The food is just a bonus. But I could eat this ackee and saltfish until I clide :)
Photo: Finally had Ackee and saltfish today. It's been so many years. It was good cooking with my mother again.  And of course I washed dishes. Couldn't leave that on my mom. 
If I could give a makeover, it would be for an awesome kitchen for them to use.

Anyway, I"m still waiting to go on a vacation :) Seriously!

I want no pain, no hurts, no problems. Just all inclusive fun!!!!
So does the mind knows what a vacation is supposed to be? Or am I just assuming that's what it is supposed to be and this is really vacation?

But most of all I enjoyed being with my mom. I rarely get to have her in my life. My sister and brothers are the blessed ones to have her right there all their lives. I cannot cry though. Too much tears. I must just be thankful for the blessing of knowing her and the times my husband helps me to be able to see her. A good husband indeed.

Home again and so much to catch up with.

Can't wait to visit y'all.

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  1. Nothing's every perfect, not even vacation. Sounds like your good parts were great parts though, and that's so totally worth flying those miles. :)

    Happy to see you. :)

    1. Thank you Rosey and it's true.
      The good parts were a blessing and even though things were heartbreaking in many parts, it all came together better in the end so blood wasn't shed on the heart.

  2. Oh hun, I wish I could give you a hug right now. I read the pain in your words, but I also read the happiness too. I hope that there is more of the latter. xo

    1. Thank you Tami.
      I just want things healthy...not perfect, but healthy. Then those awful parts wont seem so big at all. But with God's help, joy abounds.

  3. All inclusive fun sounds like a good plan to me!! And that food!
    My mom is only 2 hours away, but I still don't feel like I see her enough. I am not feeling 100% well today (we seem to have a tummy ailment going through the house - but not too serious) and some days, no matter how old you are: you still just need your mama. :)

    1. I hope soon you'll be feeling better Rory.
      And sometimes when we are just done, we just need our mom.
      I would definitely eat the all inclusive food! No worry about where to eat and how much to spend.
      And girl I wish my mom was two hours away!!!!

  4. I agree, as much as the word 'vacation' and 'perfect' are put together, vacations are RARELY ever perfect. You just have to enjoy the good and work through the bad! I'm glad you got to see and spend time with your mom :)

    1. Thank you Kayla, it was sooo good to see my mom again so soon! Such wonderful blessings.

  5. I is wonderful that you got to spend time with your mom. I am sure she enjoyed having time with her grandchildren. It's great for the kids too!

    Food and fun are what we all need on vacation.

    1. Thank you Betty. It is indeed such a blessing. I can't let the bad parts overshadow at all.

  6. Personally it sounds like your good parts over road your bad parts! So that's a good thing, and the best thing is your wonderful husband sending you and the children there to see them. Yep, he's a keeper alright! hehehe And good Lord, NO you're not a glutton for your homeland food. Besides isn't a glutton when you keep eating and eating and eating just because it's good and not because you're hungry? So happy you're sewing your roots together and remembering only the good things and burying the bad ones! Hugs!

    1. Thanks Dolly.
      You are sweet :) *HUGS*


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