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Making Happiness Happens In Grass Hopping

I always purchase Minutes maid lemonade for the kids. They really love it. And on a hot day, it's perfect with some ice chips.

I'm not sure which I prefer, the pink or regular lemonade. I don't think the kids have a preference either.

But since it's Happiness Month. We enjoy Pink Lemonade.

2. I also enjoy my feet in grass. As a matter a fact I love freshly mowed lawn. I love the smell and I just want to roll around and frolic. Which is why I always wished I lived out in the country and on a hill :)

3. I think I have a few BFFs :) but the main one is my mother and I've texted her pretty much every day :)
I love you mom.

4. I'm always singing out Loud, but maybe I should do it again in the store so people can look at me.  I was doing just that one day and this lady just started singing along with me. It was beautiful!  :)

5. Now what shall I have for breakfast? I honestly don't know. I usually mixed things up when it's school time, but summer is get what you can :) Maybe I"ll go to wally and have a donut...Nooooo I'll go to Meche's. I've never been!! :D

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  1. i have never seen that calendar before... and i love that the lady started singing with you! good times :)

    1. I know right! So free and fun!
      And check the calendar out :)

  2. That would be fun to have someone start singing with you. I don't sing out loud (unless no one is around). ;) My singing is as bad as my dances...some of us just don't have the gift, lol!!

    1. Let it out Rosey. You are gifted just being you :)

    2. You are sweet. And if you heard me sing or saw me dance, you'd laugh. Or cringe. Or both. :) It's better if I leave the public singing and dancing to those talented at it like you and my daughter. :)

  3. I've never seen that before -- what a great idea.
    And I'd choose pink lemonade and definitely be barefoot in the grass -- that would make me very happy.

    1. Yes cool grass in LA is wonderful on the feet and if that doesn't help, let's just cool down with some lemonade :)

  4. I love that happiness calender. What an awesome thing to do. I also love walking barefoot in the grass...and beach! :)

    1. Now I need to go to the beach :)
      I agree Tami :)


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