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Presents Are Never Late

At least for kids, presents are never late. They always love presents every time and anytime :)

My son had his birthday and settled with what we had until his gift could arrive. It was two or so weeks late!

I didn't have the money at the right time to get it for him and then I found it at a massive discount and it was like a double gift!

He loves everything legos and once he received his present, he was so happy! And spent all his time putting all the tiny pieces together!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Can't believe I have a child this age!

Some days you can't the floor in the room. But he is so creative and outside of the models, you should see his own creative designs!

I even signed him up for the lego club activities at the library!

Do your children use legos for play and creative expressions?

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  1. Hope he had a great birthday!!!
    That is so cool that they have lego club at the library...
    Mine LOVES legos too :)

    1. I agree. It is pretty cool.. I love the creativity of our libraries!
      Don't you love when little ones have their loves.

  2. My son loves Legos too. And a big happy belated birthday to your son!! I'm glad you found that cool set that he likes. :)

    1. Thank you Rosey!
      They would get a long well then! And he is so creative!

    2. I think our kids would get along too. :) Legos are fun, but I'm not very creative with them. My husband and youngest are though!

  3. My son is Lego Crazy!!! he has soooo many sets. Atlantis. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Star Wars and of course Ninjago. Now they have ones from the Lego movie so I am sure that will be on his birthday list next month. But I love them -- because it does help him be creative and gets him away from the video games. he will build Lego in his room for hours.
    Happy Birthday to your boy! :)

    1. Ooh don't mention ninjago! They boy is crazy about that one most :) haha.

      And that what you said up there is why I love legos :) I love seeing his mind a work.

  4. Whoops--hope I didn't end up publishing half a comment! The screen was jumping all over the place suddenly. Gremlins in the machine maybe?
    I was a divorced mom with an ex husband who had developed a drug habit. Money was always tight. Fortunately, my kids were understanding that Mom might not always be able to give them gifts right on their birthday, but they knew I was good for it as soon as I could be!
    I hope your son has a wonderful birthday. My kids always loved Legos. I love them too!
    Thank you for visiting us at KHEL 666.

    1. It's amazing when our kids are so wise and understanding.
      He did have a good birthday. He would tell you it was awesome :) Wish I could make it more for him you know.

      Thank you for sharing Helena :)

  5. uh- oh. My comments just disappeared! Here I go again....
    Legos are so awesome, kids can play with them for years. Mix match and create different figures. I really dig all the new Girl Legos that are out now for the girls too!

    1. I agree.
      I"m super excited about the girl themed legos too! My daughter has been asking about having her own.

  6. When I was a kid, (and to this day) there is nothing I liked better than a late birthday present ... it was like my birthday just went on and on! Late or not, legos are a perfect gift. Sounds like your son might even progress from legos club to robotics club, as he gets older! Good for you for getting him involved in the club!
    I love these posts you do about your family. Have a great week!


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