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A Day Of La Bamba Trains - #Music

Today has been a long day for us.

I forgot to set the timer to wake up.

I had to buy groceries on Sunday ( I don't like doing that. The less I do on Sundays, the better) After all, it is a rest day.

Then it was choir practice - this is good. I have no problem with it.  (BUT again it's part of my Sunday.

Then it was off to small group - My first one in a very long time! And it was great meeting new people from our church and communing, but again, it's part of my Sunday!

See what I"m saying. Today was not a day of rest. In fact it was just troubled and I cussed, prayed, cried, felt hopeless, hopeful, laughed and sighed with content. What? I think it was a day of being alive eh hahaha.
Some days and times in life are just like that. We either roll with it or get chewed up and spit :)

I hope y'all had a good weekend and enjoyed being around others.

Now for the theme: Songs about trains or with train in them.

I found this song online and it's amazing, so I wanted to share it with y'all. Plus I love La Bamba. But I"m loving this new take on the different cultures and it's true; music brings people together.

I had no idea of a song with train in it, so of course I googled. Haha and here you go. AC/DC.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Okay, am I missing something in LaBamba? Does one of those words in Spanish talk about trains? Got me... bwahahahaha Wow AC/DC I surely missed that one myself. ooooo Girl, YOU'RE ROCKIN THE HOUSE~ You're duh best!!! Rock it Mama!!!!

    1. Thank you Dolly.
      No. La Bamba is about using music to change the world.

  2. Oh yeah, LaBamba totally rocks! This week's theme is fun. There are many, many songs with Train in the song title or in the lyrics. It actually amazed me how many there are that I actually like, like Rock n' Roll Train. Great to boogie with you, Callie! Have a tunetastic week.

    1. I agree. It was a very good title because it made you think and learn new tunes :)

  3. I know what you mean about not being able to rest...
    it seems like all we do is GO GO GO

    1. :) I don't mind going in the week , but please let my Sunday be calm. I tend to be very resistant when it's not :)

  4. I like AC/DC. Left over from my youth, I suppose. ;)

    1. Rock on then Rosey. So does my hubs I think.

  5. I love Playing For Change. I have all of there stuff. Very nice.

    1. Ooh yes! I just found them. So excited!

  6. Choo choo! Great music for today!

  7. woohoo i'm jumping on the Rock in Roll train. got my dancing shores and i'm ready to boogie.

  8. I have had days like that. Where I have experienced every single emotion under the sun .. in a span of 15 minutes sometimes! LOL But, it also reminds you it's good to be alive and to have these feelings. So I say, just emote away! :)
    Love the La Bamba song. so great hearing them.

    1. Thank you Rory.
      Yes you have to realize that you are alive and it's okay and it will pass :)

  9. I also love the version of Los Lobos - La Bamba :

    My first photo below is the link to access the video: Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby


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