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Is This Football Or Is This Fantasy?

The hubs invited me to play fantasy football this year. Last year he didn't. I guess he didn't like me much then, but I don't think he played last year either.

I wasn't sure if I should sign up, but he invited me. And I really prefer if we did things together and it's a great way to whip his butt sports style.

So I signed up.

I've not been keeping track much as he does, as usual, but I'm doing my thing.

Anyway I'm still kicking butts sideways and upside down! hahaha.

Maybe I should spend more time fiddling with my team.

I don't really watch football. But give me the last 3 minutes and I'm all in! And it's really not just 3 minutes anyway! It's like 15 minutes.

Are you playing the fantasy football or other games?
Anyone you know playing?

Aloha :)

I'm moving up the charts bebe!

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  1. Ha! Good for you and high five too!! I stress and stress over my line-up and still lose to hubby every.single.season that I play. It is fun though, and the draft party is a blast!

    1. You sound like my hubs with the stress while I win :)
      Except this week I forgot to set my team. haha.

      Shows never to boast huh

  2. Have never had a desire to play... Although working in a sports bar for YEARS, they had their draft parties up there.. lol... fun memories.
    way to go girls.. keep it up!

    1. Haha, you've probably had your fill eh Noelle :)
      Thanks for sharing with me woman!


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