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Your Pets #WholeBodyHealth - Keep A Natural Balance

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Original Ultra Whole Body Health Pet Food, but JamericanSpice only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance is not responsible for the content of this article.

Your Pets #WholeBodyHealth - Keep A Natural Balance

I just found out a few weeks ago that I was overfeeding my kitties. I was shocked when I read the information! I did all this research before taking them home with our family, and yet here I was almost killing my babies with too much food! And sadly, I was always the one saying, make sure you give them more food. I don't want them to be hungry :(

But that health risk is remedied, and now we move forward to keeping our kitties in their best health for many more years hopefully. I am always focused on their health and well being. I think of them just as human babies that need the right nutrition, especially in the critical formative few weeks and months of their lives.

Cat nutrition is very important to me,  As my kittens have gotten older, I've tried to keep up with learning how to keep caring for them. I want to always ensure they are in good whole body health.

That is why it was such fun to share the Whole Body Health Pet Survey with you all a few weeks ago! You can see the infographic below for the results.

I am glad for the companies that share information about whole body health for cats. This helps me  in my journey as a pet owner. And not just share information, but provide healthy nutritional choices for our pets.

My kittens are now a year old and I had to switch from kitten food to adult cat food. It was hard to decide what to choose from the shelves. I eventually went with something that would be easy on their stomach, while providing the require nutrition.

I would have loved to have the Natural Balance's Whole Body Health option. I didn't even know of them until I began this campaign!

Natural Balance's Original Ultra Whole Body Health for dogs and cats is a gluten-free diet with an optimal balance of premium proteins and key nutrients.

Original Ultra Whole Body Health formulas nourish your cats complete well-­‐being and supports the need of your pet through all life stages.

There are 7 areas of health that Whole Body Health supports:
  • Supports Neural Development:  Formulated with optimal levels of DHA EPA from marine sources to support an active, healthy brain
  • Supports Healthy Skin & Coat:   Balanced Omega-­‐6 and Omega-­‐3 ratios support healthy skin and a luxurious coat.
  • Digestive Support:   Using multiple types of fibers – fruits & grains – our unique fiber layering system helps maintain healthy digestion
  • Healthy Muscle Development:   Quality proteins to help support healthy muscle, important at any age
  • Antioxidant Nutrients:   Our proprietary blend of antioxidant nutrients helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Strong & Healthy Bones and Teeth:   Proper levels of calcium and phosphorus maintain strong bones for all that fetching and playing
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Heart & Eyes:  Added taurine for healthy heart and eye function

Did you fill out the Whole Body Health Pet Survey? Check out the results! 

Remember when I said that I think of pets like babies, where they need to have good nutrition, especially for the first few weeks of life? The was especially regarding the Neural development of my kitties.  As you can see in the results of the survey below, only 28% of pet owners realized how important that was for optimum pet health.

You can also see that, over 55% of pet owners thinks nutrition is the most important factor for pet health. I do have to agree. If our pets are getting good nutrition, exercise and scheduled vets visits, they will indeed have the highest chance for optimum health.

I am that pet owner that gives the kitties baths. They don't care for it, but they also don't go Jet-Li crazy on me either. After their baths, I clip their claws and we cuddle and all is well again. However, I don't brush their teeth. I give them dental chews. I'm not sure how the teeth brushing would be tolerated.

So if you are a veteran or new pet owner, you can start out well with Natural Balance Whole Body Health for your pets!

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Will you be trying the Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health for your pets?
Do you remember any of your answers on the survey? 

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  1. Well, it's as they say if you're cold they're cold. If you're hot they're hot, but just as if you're full they're fuller because they're stomach is about as big as the palm of your hand. Always read the directions on the back, but here's another tip and I'm sure it's the same with kitties as it is with dogs. Never... EVER... Change their food because once they're used to one kind that's it. If you change you're talking major diarrhea. I know that's the way it is for dogs. So I'm going to assume cats. Well, at least google it and find out. It's just something that kinda sticks out in my mind about dogs. WHAT A MESS!

    1. Thank you for sharing Dolly!

      They were on kitten food, so I had to change. Seems they are doing okay with the new food.

      I'll keep watch. but it's the same brand though

  2. That sounds like a great brand of pet food. I have to share with my best friend who has two cats.

    Michelle F.

  3. My 2 cats are now 3 years old. I will definitely have to look into this more. Thanks for the great info.

  4. Wow!! There is way more info out there than I ever really thought about our pets and their food! This is great!!

    1. Caitlin that is true.
      I couldn't believe how much to learn when I delve into researching.

  5. I love cats but I'm super allergic to them. We have overfed our beagle and need to cut back---it really is better for their health when they are thinner.

    1. Yes indeed about the thinner!
      I'm wondering if I'm allergic to our cats too.

  6. I don't have any pets, but I know my daughter would be interested in hearing about this brand for her cat.

  7. Love anything natural for my pets! Thanks for the info on this products. I will have to check it out.

  8. I use to have cats when I was younger (many years ago) Keeping them healthy was important so I would have wanted to try Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health. It offers a lot of health benefits.

  9. I want to look into this more! My kitty's health is very important to me!

  10. I had a cat once that was bigger than my dog and I tried not to over feed it but it seemed to always find food. It ate everything.

    1. Isn't that funny how weird they are Danielle? :)

  11. I've always been so worried about over feeding my kitties. This might be a new brand I start buying to make sure my little one is staying healthy.

    1. Definitely have to keep watch in how we take care of them Debi.

  12. They look perfectly cute, and perfectly content. :)


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