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Don't Forget The Party Music - Happy Thanksgiving - #Music

It's a few days before Thanksgiving.
I realize that on Saturday when I did our grocery shopping, I forgot to purchase anything for Thanksgiving.
It was a bit disconcerting when it hit.

It will have to wait for the next grocery run.
I feel bad.

I really don't want to cook, but for the family I'll lovingly do my chef duties.

Are you guys cooking or going to family to eat at their place?

Whichever way, have a wonderful time with your family.


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  1. Fabulous quote! It's so true, you have to be thankful for what you have before you can enjoy the extras in life. I have nearly all of my Thanksgiving meal prepared. I hope you don't become too overwhelmed with the holiday prep. I'm thankful to have you as one of my beloved friends in Blogosphere. Who knew in this community one could build such good friendships? Not me, but I am glad that I have! God bless you, Callie!

    1. We've been mingling for quite awhile indeed Cathy. It's a blessing to know you.
      Thank you.
      Have a wonderful time with your family!

  2. Love that quote, Callie! Apparently you had the same foggy brain I did when I thought I had an extra week... ;) Hopefully you'll end up enjoying the cooking part, I myself am actually looking forward to it, especially since it'll be our first Thanksgiving in our new house, and I'll be cooking for 12-14 people! Wish me luck... ;) Love Kelly Clarkson and love your pick - I forgot about that one, or i would have shared it too! :) Have a wonderful week - I'm very Thankful you're my friend. :)

    Blessed with A Wonderful World, let’s sing the Thanksgiving Song because it’s All About That Baste

    1. Thank you Stacy,
      It really hit me out of left field for sure!
      I'll enjoy making foods for my kids. They seem to love my cooking and what better critics eh :)

      You will have a wonderful time with your family also! Enjoy the cooking!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love that song by Kelly Clarkson! Nice kiss between squirrels!

  4. Kelly Clarkson is a favorite I see on this blog hop. I love her. Thanks for the dance and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. No cooking for me this year...and for that I'm grateful! Keeping the music playing, it's the holidays!

    1. Ooh I prefer no cooking too. :) But I"m glad I can cook
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Belle!

  5. I like Kelly Clarkson she's popular over here :-)

    Have a tanfabulous week :-)

    1. Thank you Steve.
      Happy Thanksgiving :)

  6. Well, how about that girlfriend. Great minds think alike I guess. We're all kind of tuned in today. Thankful for your friendship today Girlfriend. :) Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Dolly.
      I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family too! *HUGS*

  7. oh my gosh -- LOVE that quote!!! such truth.
    love this song by Kelly too.
    Well, I'm Canadian, so I while be cooking for my family - it would be a big turkey dinner because we already did that! Although, I would be very grateful to get to do it twice! :)
    Actually, I will - because I am hosting my family on Christmas Eve, so I guess I had get to work planning the meal.

    1. Planning ahead is so much better I've found. So go ahead girl.
      And thank you!

  8. For all my grumpiness, I really like Kelly Clarkson too... A happy thanksgiving to you. As I'm English, I won't be partaking of turkey for another month yet, but I shall enjoy cooking for my family nonetheless!

    1. Thank you.
      We can give thanks at any time right :)

  9. I'm here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  10. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)

    1. I did! Thank you Noelle.
      I hope you did too!


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