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Orkin #MouseInAHouse Game & #Giveaway

I was just about to write the hubs to let him know how I hate hearing those rat feet in the roof. It's not cute. No rattatouie loving happening over here my friend.
I want them gone. Bombed. Clubbed. Burned. Poof! Ugh.

I turn the tv up just I don't hear them. Ugh.

It's a new thing too. But whatever way, they will leave this darn house!

I think they come from the canefield next door!

Let's not even mention the snakes!!!

Fall has arrived, and cooler weather has come with it. Whether or not you know it, your warm house is an open invitation to unwanted guests looking for a cozy winter vacation: rodents. Each fall, rodents migrate from their outdoor “summer home” to the warmth, food and shelter of their “winter timeshare” – your house!

Being human has its perks, like having a cozy house to enjoy during the winter, but imagine having to survive as a mouse? Try your luck by playing “Mouse in a House” – a choose-your-own-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a rodent looking to survive the upcoming harsh winter season – try your best to stay alive and see how long you last!

Orkin uses the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that's right for your home. To learn more about pest control grounded in science or to schedule an inspection, visit or call 1-800-800-ORKIN®.

You will LOVE Orkin’s #MouseInAHouse Blog App:
• Play the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure #MouseInAHouse Game to test your survival skills and see if you can survive the winter.

Play the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure #MouseInAHouse Game and comment with your result as a giveaway entry.

Share your own holiday rodent horror stories – and discuss who has had the craziest story!

Win a fleece blanket
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  1. In our old house (when I was in highschool) we had mice -- they came from the field out back... it was freaky.. I hated it...

  2. I visited a friend in Alabama for a week many years ago. It was just after Christmas so I was there for New Year's. We stayed at her parents' house for a couple of days and then moved on to the place she was renting for college. Apparently the mice had celebrated the holidays there during the week or two she was gone (she told me they always had problems, but it really got bad when nobody was there for a few days). I was even worried about them getting into my suitcase and we spent one day just cleaning up the messes they left and working on blocking their access to the place. It made for an interesting New Year's for me.

  3. Every year we get a mouse in the winter. I hate that... I'm scared of mice...even a dead mouse, lol. It's irrational to be scared of them, I know, but that doesn't change the fact, those little buggers really freak me out. My daughter loves them. She always wants to bring them home from the pet store so they don't get fed to the snakes. Um.. no.

    1. I don't like them either Rosey.
      I have no idea why kids always want to bring them home....well except my son :)

  4. This isn't a holiday story, but a good one. Years ago we had a stray cat visit us and he brought us a gift of a mouse or rat on our patio. We got rid of the gift but ended up keeping the sweet cat. We had and loved him for over 12 years.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  5. I rented an apartment that was infested so bad that I moved out the same day I moved in. It made me ill it was so bad. ewwwwwwww

  6. My house had some mice in it and i got a cat

  7. I have to be honest, I have been very lucky and never had a rodent problem. But I have always had at least 5-6 "garage cats" so that probably helps.

  8. Last year one of the kids pet mice get out of their cage. I found him that night as we were going to bed!


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