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Mom Rules - A Daughter's Love - WW

My daughter loves me :)

When I came out the shower, she was so excited to hustle me into the kitchen to 'come see mommy.'

I was surprised to see this art she made for me.

She proudly read it for me, and let me know she made it for me.

She used most of the little cars that she and her brother owned.

I felt so much.

What a precious seven year old princess I have.

Thank you baby girl. I love you oh so much!

Do you remember things you did to make your mom's heart warm?

What is something your kids have done to make your heart warm?

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  1. MOM RULES! You must be so very proud of that Princess of yours! This is absolutely priceless and I'm happy you took a picture of this. You'll look at this one day and say awwww and a tear may come to your eye.. or you may show it to your big Princess when her little princess walks into the room and says what's that mom & she says I made that for my Mom... grandmom! PRICELESS PICTURE! JUST PRICELESS! HUGS......

    1. I am so proud and feel loved :) She was thinking about me.
      How precious is this!
      Thank you Marie.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Steve :)
      She is just a sweetheart!

  3. Awe, isn't that so sweet????
    He wrote me a note the other day that melted my heart, granted it just said I love you mommy, but it was so sweet in his little handwriting.

    1. Very sweet!
      And yes, those are precious Noelle :) Just precious!

  4. That's a wonderful display. Congrats on having the love of a creative child.

    1. Thank you Joyce.
      She is very very creative! I"m so blessed with her!

  5. Now here I am 64 yrs. old & my youngest will be 35 in June & she's still surprising me. Just recently she said she was coming in (she lives in Missouri) because she misses her Mommy & family. She has never really said that to me before and it warmed my heart tremendously to where I cried. She's not really the one to show feelings like that. I remember when she was little you could only kiss or hug her when she wanted you too not when you wanted too. Ahhh A child's love is priceless no matter what age they are.

    1. That is so precious and good for the heart Marie.
      My daughter is like this too, she wants affection, only when she wants it :)


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