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Camp In The City - WW

Last year, Pinecove Camp In The City came to our church and city. I was quite excited, but it was a bit expensive.
We went into prayer that we could afford to send the kids. If even just for them to have a camp experience.

We were able to and every morning I dropped them off, I wished I was a little kid going to camp.

They had such a wonderful time each day and got to learn more about Jesus!

It's coming again this year and once again, we are in prayer mode.

Of course when I saw it this year, I automatically dismissed it. Figuring, we wouldn't be going. Then DH asked me about it and I told him what I thought and he said, there was no reason we couldn't try and get them in, especially if it's the same price.

So they might go again this year!!!!

I know they would LOVE to go.

Did you go to camp as a child? 
Do you send your kids to camp? 

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  1. I did not go. I would love for my son to go...he would't want to go on his own though yet, I don't think. He's a little cautious about things, but I don't mind. I know he'll out grow it. My daughter went the last year I was working, but it was just day camp while I worked. She LOVED it!

    1. He is the perfect age to enjoy it.
      My kids only do the day camps, so no problem of leaving them overnight and worrying.
      I don't think me or they are ready for that :)

      But just give him time to let go right?
      Time already flies away too quickly with our babies.

      Glad your daughter had such an adventure! I think the good camps are really awesome!

    2. We have a swimming challenge too. My son's the one who runs like he's going to REALLY jump, and then gently plops into the pool, holding onto the side. ;) He's been through several swimming courses. We'll try again when the snow lets up. One day it'll click. :) You're right though, he is the perfect age to enjoy camp.

    3. Haha that is too funny!
      But of course one should be cautious!

      I have been wanting to put the kids in swimming lessons too. I really want them to learn.
      Just need the budget to agree during summer.

  2. Oh, and I'm glad yours are likely to go again this year, since they liked it so much last year! :)

    1. Thank you Rosey.
      I'm definitely praying and watching our finances for this!

  3. That sounds like fun for them, I like the group photo :-)

    Have a camptastic day :-)

  4. We send our boys to camp every summer. They have so much fun!

    1. They deserve the fun, memories and all the great things they learn!

  5. I went to VBS (for the day) as a kid... but never an actual camp.
    Hope Broxton can do this when he gets a little older

    1. Oh yes it was a day camp for the five days :)
      Not sure I"m ready for all that over night things. :)

      Broxton will love it!


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