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I'm More Than You Think I am - Baby It's Cold Outside - #Music Duets

I finally took my Christmas tree down a few days ago. I felt revived! Ha! That lasted only for a day or two and then I began feeling the same as before.
Let's add some face/or head cold to this and it's not pretty.
I think mothers should not get sick. It's so much harder when you have to be up doing everything with the kids.
I really hope they wont get sick.

This week shall be interesting!

I found a new song that I love and want to share.

Our theme for Monday's Music Moves Me is "Duets" from our Becca!

You always think I'm somewhere on a mountaintop
But never think behind bars
You'd be amazed the places that I go
To be with you, where you are

So forget what you've heard
What you think that you know
There's a lot about Me
That's never been told

I'm more than you dream
More than you understand
Your days and your times
Were destined for our dance
I catch all your tears
Burn your name on My heart
Be still and trust My plan
I'm more than you think I am
More than you think I am

Rumor has it there's a gavel in My hand
I'm only here to condemn
But let Me tell you secrets you have never known
I think of you as My best friend

So much has been said
Even done in My name
But I'm showing you now
Who I really am


Let me open your eyes to see
The heart of Me, differently oh oh
Come closer than you've ever been
Let Me in like never before
Bring Me every broken part
The wounds and scars of who you are
Hide in Me and you will see...


More than you think I am
More than you think I am
I'm more than you think I am

And a very new one I see and it's a fave too :)

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Loved your selections! Hang in there, spring is coming!

  2. Baby, It's Cold Outside is perfect for this weather!

  3. I like 'Baby, it's cold outside,' and that video is cute w/the kids. :) I hope you feel better soon. My little one's sniffling, but they've got a snow day tomorrow, so he can rest. :)

    1. Snow days can be such a relief sometimes.
      Thanks Rosey! I hope your little one feels better soon!

  4. It sure is cold outside! Nice selections for a winter's day. :)

    1. And today we added rain! oy :)
      Thanks Debbie :)

  5. Nice selections It's not fun having a cold i hope you feel better soon, keep warm :-)

    1. Thank you Steve. It will pass eventually.

  6. Beautiful new-to-me song More Than You Think I Am. I'm gonna check out more of Danny Gokey's music. Now, sweetie we all need someone to take our hand and let us know it's gonna be okay. I hold my hand out to you! I hope you feel better soon. It's not fun when you're under the weather and feeling blue at the same time. What a gray cloud to be over your head! Through constant prayer, turn all of your doubts and worries over to the Lord while asking Him to fill you with the peace that you need to deal with what lies ahead. That's something I had to learn to not only pray for what's going down, but for His peace to weather the storms. Once I got that, then my whole perspective changed and while I may be concerned, worry finds no place in my heart. I can't tell you the difference this has made. It's amazing. I'm praying with you for this cloud to pass and sunny blue skies fill your life. Hugs!

    1. Cathy you are dear.
      Thank you. I keep praying. I just need to shed the worry, it breeds unbelief right.

      But I have full hope the cloudy skies will lift soon.

      Interesting thing is , if you saw me day to day, you would have no idea that I'm struggling so.

      But God is good.
      Thank you *HUGS*

  7. He (Danny Goeky) was great on American idol!!!!

    1. Oooh so he was on some show. I was wondering. I don't watch AI, so I had no idea.
      I do watch The Voice though.

  8. Baby girl, I've never heard the first one, but very good. Yes, very good indeed. The second thing is let's hold hands and sit this one out because everything is definitely cool my friend, and so are you! Cool that is! hehehe The last song is wonderful. I love to listen to Michael Buble. These two little ones are perfect lip syncing and the dancing superb. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Have rocking week my dearest! Stay warm and stay healthy of the heart! Bless you and your loved ones!

    1. Thank you Dolly!
      I love listening to Mr Buble also :)
      Glad you enjoyed it! *HUGS*

  9. More Than You Think I Am is a great song. I always love that you put the lyrics in there.

    1. Thank you Alissa :) Glad you enjoyed!

  10. I love Idina Menzel. That song is one of my favourites. :)

    1. I'm just learning about her.
      She is interesting.
      Thanks Tami.


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