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Doomsday Preppers

"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." - R.E.M. Lyrics 

The context: Luke 20:20-26

Jesus predicts 3 big events: 
1. The near event: 
The destruction of Jerusalem - Luke 21:5-24 

2. The in-between event:
The Times of the Gentiles   Luke 21:24

3. The far event: 
Jesus' return to set up his kingdom   Luke 21:25-28

The principle
The coming of Jesus' Kingdom is always preceded by upheaval    Luke 21:29-33

In The Meantime
Luke 21:34-38

Done be deceived by false prophets  and date setters

Expect upheaval and persecution

Pray for strength and protection

Stay faithful to Jesus

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1. Have you ever seen someone on a street corner shouting, "The end is near?" How did it make you feel?

What can you do to be ready for Jesus return?

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  1. It makes me uncomfortable when they're shouting it like that. Anything fire and brimstone just scares me and doesn't comfort me. I find the idea of heaven comforting, so that kind of messaging just pushes me away which probably isn't their intent.


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