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Cute To Crude

Have you seen the minions movie as yet?

I remember how I enjoyed the movies Despicable Me. I still laugh while watching them with my children and just like the movie Matilda, if I find that I"m always laughing after watching them time after time, I might invest in purchasing one for the family.

We now own a Matilda DVD.

Anyway, there is the new movie about the minions and I have to say, it saddens me to see them turning the minions into adult-themed characters.

There is entertainment for adults and entertainment for children, however, I do not think those money hungry movie producers really care. They just want to capitalize as much as possible!

I might watch the new movie coming out, but not in the theatres. I'll wait for it to come to our local library. And even then, I'll watch before I allow my kids to watch it.

I do not enjoy seeing an advertisement of the minion movie pop up, during our family show, only to see a minion buttocks in a thong. Seriously, what's the point?
Why can't kids movie, kids favorite characters remain childlike and fun?

According to many of the reviews, some of the scenes could have been much more creative for children and less on the wink wink side of mature.

Now will y'all please bring back my Kung Fu Panda series! I love my  Fushi! (Shifu) :)

Of course everyone has their own interpretation, understanding, and likes, so choose wisely.

Have you seen the movie as yet?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. We have not seen it. Actually haven't seen previews either. Lol, guess we don't watch that much tv in the summer.

  2. I agree but am not surprised. I took my 22 year old daughter to see Inside Out. We loved it!


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