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The Uncomfortable Side Of Jesus - The Jesus Chronicles

"How could the Kindest Man Who Ever Lived behave so abrasively? How could Jesus be loving and yet so full of dire threats?" - Tim Stafford. 

Warnings (or the message you wished you missed) 

1. Be ready! Jesus is coming back - Luke 12:35-48

>>> A warning to followers: wait and watch expectantly - Luke 12:35-40
Be ready at all times for Christ return. 

>>> A warning to leaders: serve faithfully - Luke 12:41-48

We will have to give account for all that God has blessed us with. 

2. Be ready! Expect division because of my faith - Luke 12:49-53
When you come to Jesus, expect conflict, especially in your family. Expect relational conflict. 

3. Be ready! Repent! Everyone is guilty, everyone dies, and everyone is judged - Luke 12:54-13:5
Repent = Do an about face and turn back to Jesus. 

4. Be ready! It's not too late - yet - Luke 13:6-9
When we reject Jesus, we have to step over his dead body to go to hell. 

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