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Color Me Clean - Kandoo BrightFoam Colors Beat Mud - Paint - Or Chocolate!

We wash hands in this house very often! The use of disinfecting wipes and sanitizers are usually for when we are out and about and might need to eat or wipe down after a store visit.

Right now I purchase baby wash to keep our hands washed. I find that they are not harsh and get the job done.

So of course I love finding a new moisturizing hand soap to sample ever so often!

Say hello to the Kandoo Wash Your Hands Moisturizing Hand Soap in Magic Melon! It smells good and it is definitely not harsh on the hands.

The kids love it. Of course they do, it's new! :)

Do you have designated hand soaps or do you just use body washes like I do sometimes? 

How about an off the wall idea. Put a Kandoo in your kids Christmas stockings! Or put more than one.

Candy, smaller toys and the occasional package of underwear make their way into the stocking, but parents should also take this opportunity to add hygienic products. Kandoo has the perfect stocking stuffers for little ones. Their moisturizing hand soap contains natural moisturizers, comes out as a bright foam color which lets kids know when they are covered with soap for a better clean, it’s hypoallergenic and super easy for kids to use.

Color Me Clean 

Kandoo BrightFoam Colors Beat Mud, Paint, or Chocolate - Hands Down! 

Watch your child's hands sometime. They go everywhere. Touch everything. It's par tof how kids experience the world and learn. It's also how they pick up a world of germs.
That's why good hand washing habits learned early are important for keeping your child healthy for a lifetime.

Kandoo Moisturizing Hand Soap foams in brilliant colors - BrightFoam purple or green - to show kids when every nook and cranny of their tiny hands are sudsy and clean.
Scrubbing away germs has never been so fun. Or smelled so good. Sweet scents like Funny Berry and Magic Melon fill the air and become a treasured part of the washing experience in these all too-fast-growing up years.

Moms and dads prefer foaming soaps for their kids because they don't drip or leave trails in the sink. Plus, they're more economical - Kandoo soaps produce over 200 pumps per bottle.
The foam is made of soap and air - meaning less wasted and so many more pumps per ounce.

The large pump top foamer makes it simple for little hands to push and get just the right amount per washing. While the wide base provides a sturdy kid-tested foundation - so the bottle doesn't fall over, off the counter, or into the sink. This way "doing it myself" is less likely to become "doing a disaster."

Vitamin E and natural fruit extracts in Kandoo Hand Soap leave hands soft and happily scented. Do a simple 'sniff test." And ensure your child's hands are freshly cleaned when they're sitting at the dinner table.
Kandoo Hand Soap is hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals - featuring a cleansing formula that is gentle on young hands and is dermatologist tested. Germs are one less worry when you keep Kandoo near at hand.

Kandoo Moisturizing Hand Soap is sold at Walmart and many other grocery, drug and mass retailers as well as online. You can find it in 8.4fl. oz. bottle for $2.97.

More information can be found at

Where Kandoo comes from...
Kandoo is part of the Nehemiah Manufacturing family of consumer brands. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nehemiah is committed to introducing products that come to the rescue of the busy moms and dads. Nehemiah designs, manufactures, markets and sells brands including Boogie Wipes, Kandoo, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator and Dreft Home Products. To learn about Nehemiah and the products it creates for families, visit

Do you have designated hand soaps or do you just use body washes like I do sometimes? 


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  1. Your look like they he have fun washing there hands. I love funky colors it comes in. I like that it has a pleasant scent.

  2. What a great idea to put these in the grandkids' stockings! I need to get one for my house, too. I love that they don't drip!

  3. Like the colours and I too like foaming soups - perfect for the whole family and no drips!

  4. My kids love this soap! It works really well too.

  5. I've never thought of putting soap in stockings, great idea! The bottles are so brightly colored my son will never have an excuse for not washing his hands. Glad to hear the pump bottle is easy to use. I hate seeing loads of wasted soap left in the sink.

  6. I looks like a great product that will encourage kids to wash their hands! Once in awhile I still have to tell my teenager to go back and wash!

  7. This is a great product to get kids to wash their hands. I think I'll recommend it for my niece and nephew.

  8. This sounds like a great hand cleaner

  9. This is a great way to encourage the kids to practice regular hand-washing! This is so important during the Winter months! I love the bright color- I know my kids will, too!

  10. I can just imagine how good this smells. I'm goofy and always take time to sniff the soaps I use. I can even tell you which grocery store bathrooms around town have the yummiest smelling soaps. Fruity scents are my fave, and both my kids and I would enjoy this for sure.

  11. I definitely use designated hand soap. I love the scented soaps and this brand seems kid friendly!

  12. I use designated hand soaps based on the season! I actually just picked up a few late fall and Christmas scents today <3

  13. I think that using a colored foam soap would be a great way to get kids to wash more often. I never buy special soaps.

  14. This looks awesome for kids! I need to get some of this for my daughter!

  15. This soap looks great! The kids would love the colors.

  16. I think it is great that they make foaming hand soap specifically for children! What child wouldn't love using bright soap?!

  17. That's a great invention that it's colored and shows where you haven't rinsed.

    slehan at juno dot com

  18. What a great things for children! My little ones are 2 and 4 weeks - but my 2 year old would absolutely love this! I will have to buyit for her!

  19. I do have have designated hand soaps on each sink in the kitchen and bathroom. Kandoo looks like it makes hand washing fun :)


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