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Oh Brother Good Bad And Ugly - #Music For The Movies

It's raining here for days. We haven't had rain for awhile here during the summer, so of course it was welcomed. Especially that we were under a burn ban.

But it's raining and raining and raining. And while I don't mind getting wet, it does makes the sun hide and the gloomy sky makes it seems a bit sad.

One thing I'm glad the rain makes many motorists stay home. That way i can get about my schedule in a safer manner. Lafayette drivers are some of the most dangerous!

But tomorrow is school and all of them will be out doing the 'go to work' mad dash , hopped up on coffee or hungover or on pills. It will be scary.

Just Friday, while bringing baby girl home from school, we almost had an accident.  I was sitting at the red light. Both arrows turned green and the motorists went. Then it turned green for us to go. I was about to go, when I thought I heard a vehicle approaching from the right and I'm thinking there is no way a vehicle can come up so fast at  a red light. Then I heard the voice said, put down the fork and get ready to drive. I did. (I was licking a fork from the biscoff)
Half way out into the intersection, and this vehicle just came straight through the red on their side from my right. I stopped and so glad I didn't press my gas to go quickly. Then I drove slowly on through. I kept wondering if I had just seen what I had just seen. This vehicle wasn't speeding, it was just driving along like nothing was wrong.
My daughter said, her mouth was so wide open, but she couldn't say anything. She is 8.

I cannot tell you the amount of accidents I've avoided since living here. God has been my protector.

Welcome to another Monday y'all! Let's dance and make it a great day, rain or not! So much to be thankful for.

Theme: Movie Soundtrack

I couldn't pick one from these two, so I chose both

Oh Brother Where Art Thou:

And The Good The Bad And The Ugly which wouldn't allow embedding. 

Oh Brother Good Bad And Ugly - #Music For The Movies ~ JamericanSpice - LA Blog:

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  1. Good picks Colette, the second one is a classic :-)

    Have a tanfabulous week :-)

  2. Great pics. Both are classics.

  3. How scary on your close call, Callie! Glad you were able to stop in time.

    Awesome song choices! :)

    Hooked On A Feeling a Flashlight is shining on Crystals just Let It Go to Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

  4. That;s scary, Collette. I'm glad you are okay.

  5. Collette, so happy to hear that you and your precious daughter were not involved in an auto accident. Motorist are crazy. They don't pay attention because they are talking or texting. They do this while approaching traffic lights, merging onto the interstate, passing another vehicle, .... Even if they weren't doing this, then most people fall into the category of poor driving skills, but they think they can drive like Dale Earnhardt. What idiots! Anywho, love your movie theme music! That's such a fun flick! Thanks for dropping by and dancing with me, my friend!

  6. God is definitely the one who spoke to you. Scary the other driver had no idea and wasn't even aware.

  7. I love the quote. My daily thought is: An Attitude of Gratitude.

    slehan at juno dot com

  8. God has definitely protected me to a similar manor. Like the time my light was green, but something told me to stop, so I did. Just then a car flew by without stopping. It would have T-boned me. Very blessed.


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