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Pooch Perks Popular Pooch Box #Giveaway

I don't have a pooch. I am owned by cats, however, my friend has a pooch that is so well behaved and is a dear. I'd love to give her a package like this for her pet. 

Are you a cat owner? Dog owner or both? 

Gift your pooch today by entering the Pooch Perks Popular Pooch Box #Giveaway

Pooch Perks Popular Pooch Box Giveaway

Sponsor: Pooch Perks
Prize: Popular Pooch Box

Pooch Perks was founded to provide busy pet owners high quality, affordable, convenient dog products.  The owners are two busy, working professional women who love to spoil their four legged children.  

They created Pooch Perks to provide carefully curated good-for-pooch treats and toys with four pooch pamper packages so you can spoil your four legged children without sacrificing convenience.  

They began by baking healthy homemade treats for their dogs when one of them became ill and stopped eating, but found, like most of their customers, that baking for their favorite pooches was time consuming and not conducive to their busy lives.  

They became inspired to source treats from small batch, gourmet bakers around the country and pamper their pooches from the inside out.  

Dates: 11/7-11/21
Open to: US Residents 18+
Enter to win using the widget below. Good luck!

Disclosure: JamericanSpice did not receive compensation for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. We are talking about getting a pooch. :) I think it will be a lot of hard work, but it'll make the boy happy. ;)

  2. My poodle would be super dog, he's protective of me and my kiddos.

  3. I have a cat, or as you put it, I am owned by my cat.

  4. Is there a lazy superhero? Because I have the laziest puppy ever. He's a pit bull and 3 yrs old so he should be full of energy but nope. He'd be lazy man.

  5. Is there a lazy superhero? Because I have the laziest puppy ever. He's a pit bull and 3 yrs old so he should be full of energy but nope. He'd be lazy man.

  6. The Greatest American Hero (the old '80's show) because his intentions are good but he's kind of a goofy klutz

  7. If he could turn into a superhero it might be superman

  8. If my dog turned into a superhero it would probably be HyperStorm because of his limitless activity level and high pitched bark.

  9. My dog would be the hulk...big and protective.

  10. He would be the Hulk because he gets all big and bad when he means business!

  11. the Hulk because he gets all big and bad

  12. Penny would be the Supportive Hero who offers comfort and joy to those who need it most. My grandmother adopted Penny almost a year ago and this little dog follows her everywhere, keeps her company all day long, and lounges in her lap. She may not be the bravest or smartest dog, but she is a hero for the comfort and love she brings to my grandma who needed a companion to keep her company.

  13. she would be catwoman because she likes cat food

  14. My dog would be spiderman because he is into everything and is a little awkward.

  15. My dog would be Under Dog! (I know I just dated

  16. my instagram ID is gmrich22


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