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6 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Spending Hacks

What is one thing you desire for your Valentines Day?

With just a few days left to plan a romantic Valentine's Day celebration, you may be scrambling to secure reservations at a new restaurant in town or find the perfect piece of bling to woo your honey. Regardless of what you're planning to do or buy, it's important to keep costs in mind before you blow your budget.

According to the National Retail Federation's Valentine's Day Consumer Spending Survey, the average person will spend $142.31 on candy, flowers, apparel and more, with total spending expected to reach $18.9 billion. What's more, men will spend nearly $190 on Valentine's Day gifts and festivities this year, nearly double the $97 women plan to spend.

If roses, jewelry, spa treatments and a night out is on your agenda, consider these six Valentine's Day spending hacks to show both your beau and your budget some love.

1. Look beyond roses from the florist.
While roses are considered the traditional symbol of love and romance, prices on these red and pink favorites nearly double on Valentine's Day. You'll save money by opting for a mixed spring bouquet of other pretty petals that look just as beautiful and will even stand out more for originality. Head over to a grocery store for pre-arranged bouquets for nearly 30-percent less than the local florist.

2. Save on sweets by waiting, or make your own.
If you can put it off, wait to pick up candy and chocolate on Feb. 14 when most stores will discount the leftover goods. If you have time, consider baking your own sweets. From heart-shaped rice crispy treats to cherry-flavored cupcakes to chocolate-covered strawberries, your honey will appreciate the extra effort you put into making this special gift!

3. Buy bling online.
Shopping online for jewelry gives you access to a bigger selection and often better prices. Plus, many e-stores will be offering free delivery or discounted rush service to ensure you get the gift in time. What's more, many of these sites have coupon codes for extra savings which can be found on sites like For example, you can save 25% off at Blue Nile, $25 off plus free shipping with a Kay Jewelers coupon code, or an extra 15% off sale jewelry from Macy's.

4. Pick up discount spa gift cards.
A couples' massage is a nice treat for you and your sweetheart but expect inflated prices this weekend. Before you book, check sites like Gift Card Granny for discounted e-gift cards to SpaFinder where you can save over 22 percent. Warehouse stores like Costco also sell gift cards to the online spa-finder service at a discount, offering $100 worth of e-gift cards for just $80.

5. Head to the dollar store.
Your local dollar store is the perfect place to pick up inexpensive greeting cards (50 cents versus $5 or more), gift wrap and even a vase for flowers. You're looking at saving over 70% without compromising on your romantic sentiment. Remember, it's what you write in the card that matters most anyway!

6. Plan a free date.
Valentine's Day shouldn't be based on how fancy of a restaurant you go to or how much money you throw down. It's all about spending quality time together, which you can do in a variety of ways for little cost. In fact, some of the most intimate dates are free! Check out these 12 frugal date ideas and make your plans now.

What is one thing you desire for your Valentines Day? 

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  1. My boyfriend and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day because we really don't feel the need; we feel it's more important to show each other our love every day of the year which is why we don't sweat this holiday. That being said it's not a bad thing for people to celebrate it but I say go low-key. Buy something small to show you're thinking of him/her or like it says above plan something that's inexpensive to free to do. You don't have to go broke to show someone you care! :)

  2. We don't really do Valentine's Day. I am sure we will have a nice dinner, and probably some chocolate, but mostly things are really overpriced and we just don't want to play that. We are far to frugal.

  3. Valentine's Day is a wonderful time celebrate that someone special. We try to keep it simple and meaningful.

  4. Thanks So Much for Sharing These Awesome Last Minute Valentines Day Spending Hacks, I Really Appreciate it! I Love Valentines Day but Unfortunately I'm Single This Year So I Don't Really Have to Buy Any Gifts This Year! My Mom Still Gets Me a Valentines Day Gift Each Year So it Will Not Be So Depressing for Me This Year! I'm Always Looking for Good Gift Ideas So I Will Keep Some of These Ideas in Mind for Later, Thanks Again for Sharing! Have a Wonderful Evening! - Jana


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