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Driving Again On The Motown Train As Bullies Fall Off - #Music

I can drive again and with my tummy pillow I've been going and going. Seriously what did they do without me when I was down?

I had put both my children on the school bus while I was unable to drive. Turns out my son is doing okay on the bus, but my daughter is having a hard time with the other little/big bullies on the bus.

Apparently there is a boy on the bus or two who sits in the back and curses a lot.

My daughter came home every day lamenting how sad she is about being on the school bus.

The Friday that I went to the doctor and he told me I was healing well and could drive again, she came home and said "Mom one boy on the school bus called me a bad name. I don't know what it means, but I know it's bad. And he curses a lot. "

I eventually got her to repeat what was said, and the boy had called her a 'ho'

If y'all can remember how hard I fought for her being bullied on the bus a few years before. This new one just broke my heart.

I told her that we would pray for this boy. She said she already did. Then I suggest we forgive him. And that I will also write a letter to the school and the bus driver.
Nothing harsh, just a letter telling them what happened and to be aware.

It was a Friday.

I drove her to school Monday and have been ever since. I can she is much happier. I didn't write the letter. I think it's moot. But these days, there is no such thing as ignoring these kids that will continue to terrorize your child on the bus, playground, school halls or anywhere else.

My 8 year old child should not have to deal with this during any part of the school session.


I'm sure she will be on the school bus again sometime, but I'll always be here to fight for her.

Welcome to our Monday Music train hop fun.

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And of course James Brown. I hope that's motown :)

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. CALLIE FANTASTIC TUNES!!!! That Jennifer Hudson is the bomb for sure... SUCH TALENT!!! Like she was James Brown daughter she's got so much soul. !!!! By the way check your mail. There's a corrected linky there. Sorry for the confusion. HUGS

  2. Love some James Brown-nothing beats it.

  3. Ugh! Why do kids have to be like that? I will never understand it.

  4. How horrible that kids do that. At any age really - bullying is wrong.

  5. So sad that kids have to call others names. These kids are hearing the bad words at home.

  6. Such a well written post, so sorry you're dealing with this, though!

  7. I'm sorry your daughter had to experience this. It's a great idea, driving them to school. I think that's a lot better. Bullying is definitely something we can't avoid but we can teach our kids to not be affected. It always starts at home. I hope that boy's parents are doing something about it.

  8. I'm so sad your daughter has had a bad bus experience. I am so glad though that you taught her to pray for the people who are mean to her. It sounds like even though she's had a tough experience, your teaching has helped her to deal with some of those experiences. You're a good mom! Oh and so glad you can drive again!

  9. There are bullies everywhere and teaching our children how to deal or cope through the situation is such a challenge. As someone else says parents really need to check their children.

  10. You have a kind heart and I think it is wonderful that you are able to forgive others. Hope the bullying has stopped?

  11. This is so interesting. Love this post!

  12. Love me some j brown !!!

  13. I hate it when kids are like this. Half the time they don't even realise the meaning on the words they use whilst others bully simply to look big in front of others. I hate that there is always someone that is the target for these kids.

  14. I still say kids do what they do because they are allowed to do it. When my daughter was in school she knew better than to be so disrespectful in a bus full of kids. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...these things just really annoy me because the bus is for everyone.

  15. I'm sorry about your daughter. Some kids are just horrible. We had an issue with a child my stepdaughter road the bus with that bit her twice before the school took action

  16. I'm not a fan of bullying either!

  17. I hated riding the bus as a child. Kids can be just plain cruel sometimes.

  18. Bullying gets me really upset, the bully is not happy and has serious issues that can follow him/her with serious consequences for the rest of their life if not addressed,

  19. I remember I used to get bullied at school (middle school). One time the kids threw rocks as we would get off (planned). My uncle went to the school the very next day and the kids got in trouble and never bugged us again. I hate bullies!

  20. The lyrics are great! I love genuine music. These bullies need to given a talking to

  21. Collette, That's wonderful news you can resume to your normal activity again, like driving. I hate to hear that your daughter was being bullied on the school bus. It's a shame how liberalism has affected our lives at every turn. This sort of thing would not be tolerated when I was in school. Either the bus driver or the principle would have that kid's hide and when the kid's parents found out what happened then it would be double trouble for the troubled kid. That's the way it should be today. Thanks for sharing your Motown selections. James Brown song title is perfect fit it seems. Have a good week, my friend.

  22. I am so anti bully! My daughter in 6th grade. She wears headphones on the bus because of a few boys and their potty mouths

  23. I'm sorry to hear it about the bus. Hurrah that you can start driving again!

  24. Ugh! So sorry about the bus bullying. Glad you're healing nicely and can drive your precious gems to school again. Now I won't be bumming about having the drive the kids to and from school every day. :)

    LOVE your choices!! Thanks for the dance, Callie! :)

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