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Pay It Forward With A Dear Friend - God Moves The Pieces

On January 27th, I had just left my son's school where they had an Academic breakfast to honor the 5th and 6th graders who did great in school. My son had made honor roll.

I ran to the store to grab some much needed items that I'd need after my surgery on January 28th.
I remember as I ran into Target, I was marking the door I went in, so that I'd come out the very same way, since Target doesn't have those number things on the lots.

However, I came out on the total opposite side of where I thought I was coming out! I said to myself " Colette you silly girl! Now you'll have to walk all the way to the other side to find your vehicle!"

As I"m saying this out loud to myself, I see in front of me, a group of people in black suits standing around. The lady of the group then said hello to me and ask me to stop for a bit. I thought she heard me talking to myself and thought I was speaking to her.

We met and she then began to share about the program they are doing in our local community called the Pay It Forward, where they challenge someone to find someone to give $500 to, who really need it.

By this time, I'm nervous and there is a camera in my face and wow, that's new and weird.

We introduced. And of course I knew the perfect person!

She was a friend who had just lost her baby two days before Christmas!

I had been thinking of how best to help and support her.

I remember leaving Christmas undone to rush to the hospital to be with her during her heartbreaking time.

I knew she needed the financial help.

I was sooo happy to help.

I told the news crew about her and we called her home and then traveled to see her. She had NOOOO idea that I was bringing the crew. She was so surprised and oh the emotions.

I was so happy for her. I was overcome with tears and emotions and I was shaking like a leave, maybe the cold weather had something to do with that too, but it was such a live situation. No rehearsal.

She received $500.

I know she will put it to good use.

It's amazing how God order the days and create such a wonderful blessing.

That was just a day before I went into the hospital for my surgery.

It was quite a long interview, but of course they have to consice for the tv segment.

The program aired on February 10

You can see the story at the link below or the embed video.

See Story Here 

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  1. What a wonderful ending to such a sad story. I never knew your story, either. Thanks for sharing and making the world a better place.

    1. Thank you Joyce.
      God is good. He interrupts the plans of the day :)

  2. Oh wow, Callie!! That brought me to tears!! Like Joyce said, thank you for sharing and making the world a better place! You. Are. AWESOME. ((HUGZ!!))

    1. Oh I was crying soooo much Stacy!
      I'm so glad for her you know.
      God is good! Thank you.

  3. Collette, sometimes we are directed off course to accomplish God's work without even knowing it until it happens. What a wonderful way to help your friend! God knew your heart and used this opportunity to do good through this program in your area. Thanks for sharing this blessing with us all!

    1. Thank you Cathy.
      God does know the heart of us all and I'm so glad I was able to be used in this process to bless someone.


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