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Awards With Guitar Solo #Music For 4Ms - #MWA

Ever been in a position where you know the person is using fluff words to pretend all is well so they can use you to get what they want? The bullpoo is ripe and smelly, but I hate confrontations. I hate to hurt someone and so I usually let time deal with it or just let it go.
Well this person is wanting to be in my space and I cannot pretend all is well when it's not. How do I go about confronting? I prefer if it's all said and there is a resolution before I have to interact with them on any long term level.  I have tried opening the conversation before but was told they don't have a problem and love everyone. haha. You see what I'm up against.

How do I love well and still have peace? People are very complex and it's hard when they don't think there's any problem and they can just pretend through it, but that doesn't work for me. And at a certain point in life, you need to be honest in all things. Perhaps it's my turn to grow by stepping into the confrontation.

I haven't received an award in quite a long time. Imagine my surprise to visit John - at The Sound Of One Hand Typing, on the music train and learning that he has received the Music & Words Award, and also shared with me and our music team here at Monday's Music Moves Me.

Thank you John. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. This is definitely fun wandering around visiting everyone on the list and finding old and new music to make Monday's delightful!

And congratulations to you John and Marie (xmasdolly) who runs the show here with Monday's Music Moves Me.

Miss Andi over at Music & Words created the award and dedicated it to “bloggers who spread the word about awesome music.”

I’m starting this tradition to acknowledge and link people who love music so much, they blog about it. These are the people who help us discover great bands. I hope it’ll help to feature great music blogs from all over the world and artists all across genres.

Our theme today is from Alex and it's "Guitar Solo" - I had go google that theme :) I bet it should be fun! 
I still would love to learn to play the guitar. 

This is my guitar solo.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
I'm always coming to visit everyone on the linky so don't worry if I'm a bit late! 

CONGRATULATIONS to this week's spotlight dancer

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Spotlight Dancers
Thank you for visiting and I'll visit you soon! 

Marie @XmasDolly
Colette @JamericanSpice
Naila Moon / Michelle - Just The Stuff Ya Know

Honorary Co-host: 

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2. Grab our "Monday's Music Moves Me" button (above) 
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4. Visit each other and leave a comment or whatever you want to do to let them know you were there. See if they have the same music style as you. Enjoy the music! 


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  1. Nice choices Colette especially Hotel California

    Have a lovely week :-)

  2. You should take guitar lessons. I didn't know how to play until about seven years ago when my wife purchased a guitar for me. It's very fulfilling.

    1. What a sweet woman.
      And indeed I really hope I can take lessons. Thank you Alex.

  3. Oh lordie... I almost forgot about that award, but I'll have to add mine when I get back from the hospital taking the stomach test today, & tomorrow is my back... 2 MRI's will take any prayers you just don't know what to do with... I need a few if you don't mind. HUGS my dearest... what would I do without you? Love your choices here & not to worry I looked at You Tube too for suggestions. HUGS & HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  4. Very nice quote. made my day. Hotel California is a true classic.

  5. I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, too - my hubby makes it look so easy!! :) Love your song choice, Callie - thanks for the dance and have a great week! :)

    Comfortably Numb in a Time Warp with Johnny B. Good, a Sharp Dressed Man who’s gonna Start A Band

    1. You are in the loop. Let hubs teach you :)

  6. I always wanted one of those double-neck guitars, for no other reason than to say I had one...

    1. That is probably an expensive one right?
      Hope you get one.

  7. Congrats on the #MWA! It's a lot of fun to participate in and I appreciate you stopping in to read through my responses. Great guitar solos to rock-start the week!


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