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Crazy All My Life Though You Slay Me Weekend Marathon Of Life - #Music

This weekend has been a marathon of events for both my kids and AT THE SAME EXACT TIMES!!!

9am - Boy had soccer tournament
9am - Girl had theatre rehearsals

She was a bit late as I had to run with him to get into his game to another part of the city.

I waited outside for her instead of going back to watch his game, because then I'd just be late wither way.

10:45a - Picked up daughter from theatre to rush her over to do dance photos for her dance class which is at 11:15a

Had to rush to get the boy from the park because his game only last an hour and I can't just let him alone there without anyone.

11:30 - pulled up at studio for photos. She missed the hip hop photos with her classmates, but made the ballet photos
Good gracious! I can't win them all.

11:50a - Photos are finished and back to the theatre for her to finish her rehearsals in preparation for her 1pm performance.

She has to eat somewhere in there and so does my son.

12pm - Rushing the boy back to the socccer field across town so that he can get to his 1pm game which means he must be there for 12:45p for practice. OY!
Barely made it.

I stayed to watch this soccer game. He won his first game, but they lost this second game.

2:30p - Off we rushed to go to the other side of town again to make it for my daughter's second performance.

I had missed her first performance, so it was good to get to see her perform in the second one.

And while things are so insane, at some points it worked out for me to be there to support them.

Easy ChickFila dinner and everyone just pass out at 8pm.

Sunday we woke up and did the same thing again minus theatre and dance photos. But we were there to support the boy in his soccer tournament in which the team played two games. Won one and lost one.

However they did WIN the championships!!! So excited for them.

Y'all my bones hurt from the walking and running across streets and fields and etc et al!

Oooh and not to mention the run to pick the husband up from the airport last night.

And aunt flo deciding to scream into the picture. Yes this girl needs a cake or something better. Oy!

And of course it's Monday.

Worship and dance works for me.

And apparently I"m just seriously crazy all my life :) Let's bring Monday to an awesome close y'all! Looking forward to visiting y'all!

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. I hve not heard the first one but absolutely love Crazy All My Life excellent selections Colette have a crazytastic week :-)

  2. It sounds like you have been busy! I can't imagine having to take two kids to two different places at the same time. Have a great week!

    1. Oh it was crazy and I even crazier for trying :) But I think I won :)

  3. One busy Momma. The music was awesome!
    Have a good week.

  4. Collette, sounds like y'all had a very busy weekend! I can totally relate to being Crazy All of My Life. lol What a fun new-to-me song! Actually you introduced two new tunes to me today. Thank you for the dance, dearie!

  5. I've nominated you for the Music and Words Award. I won't be offended if you don't accept it, but it's an award for music bloggers, or for people who write about music on a regular basis. You can see my post, with all pertinent details, here. Congratulations!

    1. John, that is fantastic! I accept and will share soon. Thank you!

  6. Baby girl... goodness... busy busy busy...!!! I must say I love love love your tunes especially that last one. ooooooooooooooooo lordie you have totally ROCKED THE HOUSE! WOO HOO... GREAT TUNE! Although your first one was soooooooooo sweet too! Sorry I gotta go now and play your last tune there again... it's great! Let's dance girlfriend!!! woo hoo!!! Crazy all my life... yes that's me!!! hahahaha

  7. That's my first to hear either song. They're both nice. And you are BUSY! Glad your son won the championship.

    1. Thank you my dear. He is super excited he won too!


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