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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria - Family Soccer Schedules + #Music 4ms

Oh Sundays are so very busy.

It seems with young kids, there are always something to be and schedules to meet.

Today was church ( I had to work there - volunteer)

Then Ms little lady had a birthday invite to somewhere fun. The boy stayed home with his dad.

Then it was up and running off to church again for choir practice.

After choir was over, I decided to take them to a picnic at another church which has been wonderful fun through the years.

The kids had some sour behaviour, so I cut all that short, we had a little chat and came home to do chores.

Their attitudes seem so much better doing chores than when they were out to have fun. Who knew :)

It's not like I didn't have a house waiting to clean!

Anyway, I"m making them pancakes now and listening to music while the husband dashed off to some corner of the city to enjoy march madness and food.
Apparently men need to be out and about too.

Welcome to another week of music y'all!

Let's visit and dance the Monday away!

The kids and I have been loving these tunes from the movie 'The Sound Of music.
We will have to watch that one again.

And of course it's soccer season and the boy loves his soccer. We lost our game on Saturday the 19th, but we are glad we got to play. Especially with all the heavy rains lately!

My daughter is really trying to remember all the words to this one.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
I'm always coming to visit everyone on the linky so don't worry if I'm a bit late! 

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  1. You have been busy, have a nice break :-)
    Fun choices this week Colette :-)

    Have a busytastic week & thanks for the tweettastic tweets :-)

    1. Thank you Steve.
      Looking forward to the Easter break...not sure it will not be busy either :) Life ha!

  2. I hope you week is not as busy. Great choices.

    1. So far so good Patrick, but it begins on Wednesday and doesn't stop until Monday! haha.

  3. Love sound of music!!!!
    We had a busy and tiresome weekend. Go go go

    1. I know how it is Noelle.
      It sometimes so fast and so much and then sometimes not much

  4. Sheesh! I got tired reading how busy you were! LOL! Funny how the attitudes improved when doing chores vs. doing something fun, eh? Though I'm sure that had something to do with you cutting the 'fun short' and having a chat with them...they listened! :)

    LOVE your song choices, Callie! You can't go wrong with Sound of Music, and that Waka Waka song woke me up! ;)

    i may be Stressed Out but you’ll be Reckless if you Rock On Said No One Ever

    1. It was quite the change Stacy, but I was taking time to spend with them having fun.
      They were telling me, how unappreciative they were going to be, so we decided to get back to the fun of being home :)

      Glad you enjoyed the tunes.

  5. Great choices and really had a good time singing them once again. Love Sound of Music!

  6. Collette, if you make me pancakes then I'll clean your house...without an attitude before, during, or after. :D Glad your kiddos behavior improved. Sometimes they just needed reminding that there are consequences to their actions. Thanks for sharing your fun Monday music choices!

    1. Then I will make you the yummiest of pancakes!!
      Glad you enjoyed Cathy :)


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