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First Day Of Camp - #Music Everywhere - Please Slow Down + MOVE!

Today is the kids first day of +Pine Cove  Camp in the city.
I'm so very excited for them. They are super excited.

I got up and made them lunches.

We have five days of clothing laid out for the camp days, to make life easier.

And it's from 8:45am to 4pm.

Not a boarding camp, but day camp.

As a mom, I'm more comfortable with the day camp.

I know they'll have a super awesome time and I can't wait to hear all about their days!

So all I want is for them to grow up and have a blessed and thriving life.
And all I want is for them to slow down.

I love hanging out with them and love them as I'm capable.

Slow Down

Nichole Nordeman

from the album The Unmaking
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Here's to you
You were pink or blue
And everything I wanted 
Here's to you
Never sleeping through
From midnight till the morning
Had to crawl before you walked
Before you ran
Before I knew it
You were trying to free your fingers from my hand
‘Cause you could it on your own now

Slow down
Won't you stay here a minute more
I know you want to walk through the door
But it's all too fast
Let's make it last a little while
I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly
I am your biggest fan
I hope you know I am
But do you think you can somehow
Slow down

Here's to you
Every missing tooth
Every bedtime story
Here's to Barbie cars, light saber wars
Sleeping in on Sunday
Had to crawl 
Before you walked
Before you ran
Before I knew it 
You were teaching me 
The only thing love can
Hold hands through it
When it's scary, you've got me

Please don't roll your eyes at me
I know I'm embarrassing 
But someday you'll understand
You'll hold a little hand
Ask them if they can …

I am your biggest fan
I hope you know I am 
But do you think you can 
Slow down

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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And slow down and thank our military heroes.
Slow down and plant a tree for them.
Slow down and send up a prayer for them.

Happy Memorial Day y'all 

I know your heart been broke again 
I know your prayers ain't been answered yet
I know you're feeling like you got nothing left
Well, lift your head, it ain't over yet, ain't over yet so
Move, keep walkin'
Soldier keep movin' on
Move, keep walkin' until the mornin' comes 
Move, keep walkin'
Soldier keep movin' on
And lift your head, it ain't over yet, ain't over yet


Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. Callie, Nichole's song is so tender. I just love it! Kids grow up too fast. It would be awesome if we could hold onto those days for a little longer and they won't get what Mommy feels until they are parents themselves. What a fabulous Memorial Day tribute with Toby Mac's featured song! This is a new-to-me tune, and really enjoyed it a lot. I hope the kids have a good time at day camp. Have a safe & enjoyable Memorial Day my friend. I do remember and pray for the families of servicemen/women who gave their lives for this country and those who stand protecting her today.

    1. Oh I know Cathy! They grow too fast.
      Thank you for such a thoughtful share. *HUGS*
      Have a blessed week!

  2. They look awesome. :) My boy starts day camp next week. :)

  3. They look very happy they will enjoy themselves :-)

    Nice songs too Colette :-)

    1. Thank you Steve.
      They are definitely enjoying the time!

  4. OMG CALLIE... OUR BABIES ARE GETTING SOOOOOO BIG!!!! They're growing like weeds for heaven sakes, but our girl has turned into a beautiful rose and our boy oh my he's growing up so fast into a very handsome gentleman and the two are so smart. I know you've got to be so very proud... I know I am. You give my babies a big hug from Auntie Dolly won't you? What a pretty song... so relaxing too. Oh yes tell them I'm THEIR biggest fan!!! HUGS

    1. I will have to let them read this one from you Doll!
      Thank you.
      Indeed they are growing!

  5. Great music to paint by.


  6. LOVE Nichole's song! Kids grow up waaaaaay too fast. I keep trying not to blink, but it never seems to work. :) Your kids are ADORABLE!! Can you ask them to please stop growing so fast?!! :) Hope they enjoyed their week of camp - I prefer the day camps, too - I think it'd be too hard to have them gone day and night for an entire week. :)

    Thanks for the late dance, Callie! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

    wearing a Tuxedo Just Fishin’ – i Can’t Stop The Feeling with a Travelin’ Soldier

    1. Thank you Stacy. I want to ask them to stop growing :) It doesn't work. at all.
      They did have a most wonderful time at camp!

      Glad you enjoyed.
      Have a wonderful weekend dear girl.


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