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Military Awareness Month - Military Match Program

More than 2.2 million men and women serve in the U.S. military and approximately 400,000 are stationed abroad in one of the 150 countries U.S. military bases are maintained. That’s 2.2 million reasons Community Coffee Company supports U.S. military personnel by doubling orders to ensure servicemen and servicewomen get a cup of home.

“The Military Match program gives us an opportunity to boost the morale of those who give the most to our country – the men and women of the U.S. military. While they’re serving, away from their family and friends, we can now offer them a taste of home every day.”
– Matt Saurage, 4th Generation Owner

How do you support the military? 

As a family-owned and operated company,
we understand the difference family makes.
That’s why our Military Match program is
a great partnership with families to support
their loved ones who are serving our country.

Over 55,000 pounds or 2.2 million cups of
Community® coffee have been shipped to active-duty
military personnel since the program’s inception.

Say thank you to the men and women in the
U.S. military by purchasing a cup of home and we'll
double your customer coffee order through
the Military Match program for free.

"The coffee that we received while deployed to Kuwait through the Military Match program was like a slice of home here in the Middle East. It really had a positive impact on the morale of our soldiers to have something as familiar as Community® coffee in the mornings because Community coffee is our overwhelming brand of choice for the majority of our soldiers in the 1021st EN CO.
We have shared it with our sister units from around the country."
 - CPT Noel S. Bellas, Commander 1021st, Vertical Engineer Company
 Louisiana National Guard

How it Works

Buy your favorite Military Match set of four 12 oz. or 16 oz. bagged coffees,
or 18 ct. single-serve coffees.

We’ll match your purchase with an additional four items, and send all eight items
to the APO/FPO or military base address you provide.

We’ll even include our signature Military Mug with your shipment.

Shop Ground Coffee 
Shop K-Cup Pods

• Offer limited up to four Gift Box orders per recipient per month.
• Shipping option for this offer only by USPS.
• Cannot be combined with any other offers.
• Must ship to a military APO/FPO or military base address.
• Offer subject to availability, we reserve the right to substitute like-items.
• Offer not for commercial customers or re-sellers.
• Offer terms and details subject to change at any time, without notice.

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  1. You know being a military spouse I love this... and we LOVE community coffee

  2. Cool! I am a military member so receiving things like these always makes me smile. Thanks for writing this post! :)

  3. I love the military match program. I love Community Coffee too. :)

  4. So wonderful! My daughter and son-in-law are military. I will let them know about this. Thank you.

  5. Great initiative. Well done!

  6. My son is in the navy and enjoys goodies like these. These guys deserve great coffee.

  7. They are amazing for the work that they do and if there's a day that we can show them how much they're appreciated, it wouldn't be enough. I'm glad we have a full month for it.

  8. What a great program. We are a military family, so any support is always amazing.

  9. such a great program. I'm sure the boys and girls over seas would love a gift from home.

  10. Almost all of my siblings serve in the US Armed Forces. So I know how important it is to give back. Such a noble cause. Kudos!

  11. This is a great military program. How I wish I could participate.

  12. This is so wonderful! I love when companies can give back like this. It makes them that much better! I knew some people in the military, so this is such a great program!

  13. I have a nephew that serve in a military, and he love the program like this.

  14. That is really a nice way to give it back to our deserving front lines. I'll be sure to buy some! My heart and salute goes to all official soldiers fighting for their country.

  15. What a great program! We have so many members of the military in my family - we do everything we can to support our troops!

  16. What a cool initiative! We must support our troops with all our love, thats what they need the most.

  17. This is just amazing. Our troops definitely needs a lot of support & love all around & this is such a wonderful awareness program that will please them so much.

  18. It is like a 4 x 4 car (Buy 4 Get 4 FREE) !Our Heroes deserve a cup of coffee for their sacrifices~ country and their own family! Salute!

  19. Such a cool program and way to support our troops.

  20. What a great program! Our military deserves it, too.

  21. I didn't know this was military awareness month. This sounds like a cool way to help out on a regular basis.

  22. Such a great and nice way to support our military.

  23. Military spouses will love this post.

  24. great practise to help and support them! would love to have some too

  25. I love companies like Community Coffee that give back, especially to our military. As a military spouse, I am proud and grateful.


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