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Top 10 Healthy Habits For Stress Free Living! - #NWHW

It is so very important for us to have someone alongside us in our life's journey.
Especially when it comes to striving for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I don't have the bank account I'd desire to eat as well as I would like, but I made a pledge to myself that I would always cook healthy meals for my family, as much as I possibly can.

My children have always eaten healthy meals and treats are welcome without too much guilt.

I grew up where we cook all our foods. We rarely got processed food from the stores.

As a matter a fact I wanted so much to have my children grow up in my country and experience the ground to kitchen meals, the walking to everywhere living, the quality air to breathe etc.

However, it wasn't meant to be and so since I'm here in the land of different and too much and plenty. I choose to enjoy the choice of making healthy choices for my family.

I also realize that while it's important to be on top of taking care of my family, it's also very important to keep up with my own self-care.

Self-care begins with the little things;

I get to eat breakfast while making them healthy breakfasts. If not, I probably wouldn't have breakfasts most mornings! Haha.

Same for dinner and you can tell why I miss out on lunches many times! (They are at school!!)

I want to be healthy. I was very surprised to hear my doctor complimented me on how healthy I was for a thirty-something-year-old woman. He says, so many are suffering health problems of many kinds by the time they are my age.

And so I want to keep myself well.

Here are 10 healthy habits that help me keep well. Thanks to Colgate for encouraging our women to find ways to refresh, repair and restore their health, during the #NWHW and #MyColgateSelfie campaign.

What is one thing you do to replenish yourself? 

1.  Drink Water - I encourage my children to drink water in the morning before eating and as often as possible. I really don't care for those juice / or juice drinks. As a matter a fact, I mostly drink water and then the occasional drink.
As a parent, when my kids drink juice, I'd put half juice and half water in their cups.

Water keeps you hydrated, eliminates toxins, and keeps you regular. Always keep a bottle with you. If you see it, you will drink it! That's what I do. My kids know there is always a bottle of water in my bag!

2. Take Five - Minutes to jump rope, or turn the music on and dance up a sweat. Get that heart healthy and sweat the toxins out of your body.
I say five minutes because we think we must dedicate three hours to exercise. No.  But loving yourself enough to take 5, 10, 15 - 20 minutes to give health to your body will always be beneficial.

Exercise not only makes you more physically fit, it also boosts your mood, increases your energy, and it can even improve your sex life.

3. Personalize Your Diet - Too many people are doing the one for all. Don't!
We all have different dietary needs. Learn yours and work with it so you can feel balanced with your meals.
I cook and eat healthily, but I have a think for certain sweets. I have to remind myself that balance is best. My balance is that I bake my own desserts. Which means there will be no preservatives and I can control the sugar amount.
Sugar is in EVERYTHING these days. So keep an eye on your labels or make your own.

Vegetables are an abundance of necessary vitamins and minerals that help keep us healthy and energized

4. Get Digitally Positive - We have technology at our whim. Find inspirational music, quotes, photos, speeches, jokes etc to encourage you each day. Start out with thanksgiving (pray), and something positive.

Remind yourself that you do have control about how you'll respond about your day.
Don't join the bandwagon of negative attitudes of how you hate Mondays.
Mondays are just another day you get to live and enjoy love, being loved, being able to do what you want to do as a person.

Honestly try to focus on the positive and weed out the negative as much as you can. That includes people, and not just things or places.

5. Practice and enjoy self-care - It's hard to do because not all of us think carefully about ourselves and the care we need, until it's too late and we hit a wall.
We wont always be able to do big things like a weekly massage, pricey salon appointments, or the weekly pedicures, and that's okay.

Use what you have. Do small things that you really enjoy. Something that makes you feel content, relaxed, put a smile on your face and in your step.
Read before bed - carve the time out for it.

Have a daydream diary - or a gratitude diary - Write down the highlights of your day, something you learned, or just one reason why you’re grateful for the things you have.
Dance - Ooh I go crazy here and I wish one day to do ballroom :)
Chat with a close friend, Carve out time to read your bible and pray. Enjoy a favorite movie, bath, or a cup of tea.

Just do something you love, something to replenish your body and soul.

6. Take Care Of Your Body - Bathe, Care for your dental health, Use lotions and sunscreen, and keep your hair clean.
Dental health is so very important. I teach my children over and over why it's important to take care of their teeth. We are always using Colgate products, and now they have a new set of products called Daily Repair, which is nicely incorporated into our daily regimen, to refresh, repair and restore our daily oral care.
Invest the time in taking care of your body.

This year, leading up to National Women’s Health Week (May 8-14), Colgate Total® invites women across the country to pledge to Refresh, Restore and Repair their health, starting with something as simple as switching to the Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen.

Join Colgate Total® and pledge to put your health first by sharing a “healthy selfie,” using #MyColgateSelfie. A healthy selfie can be anything from enjoying a nutritious snack, getting in a yoga session, enjoying the outdoors or using the Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen to help improve your overall health.

The Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen offers products that provide a range of oral health benefits. New to the regimen is the Colgate Total® Daily Repair Mouthwash which helps kill bad breath germs while also helping to repair daily damage to teeth. Also in the regimen is Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste, which helps repair early teeth & gum damage, freshen breath and whiten teeth.

7.  Get Your Goal  - Yes you are never too old to keep writing those dreams down and moving towards them each day.
You become alive when you think about them, so write them down, and make a plan how you can move toward getting them accomplished!

8.  Embrace your snooze spot - Most of us need at least eight hours of sleep a night. That’s need, not want. There’s a reason why we need a sufficient amount of rest.
I"m a total hypocrite here, but I am trying!

Sleep improves stress, reduces inflammation, and allows cells to re-charge and repair damage, It also keeps us functioning at our optimum levels both mentally and physically.

Turn everything off and GO TO SLEEP!

9.  De-clutter - Get rid of all the things you don't want or need. If you haven't used it in 6 months or a year, it needs to go. So many others are needing it.
I promise you, less is awesome!
And get rid of negative people too. They bring the same baggage.

10 . Focus outside -- Pay it forward. Join and work at a charity. Join a church. It's not just talk. Giving is like a drug. But it's more of a blessing. The more you give, the more you receive. And no matter where you look. The only way you recieve in peace and contentment, is through giving. It's just tied together in a spiritual way.

What is your one thing that you do to make your life healthier and more content? 

Do you feel content with your life or is there something you wish to change? 

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. All of these tips are wonderful and so important. I find that a lot of people do not Take Care Of Your Body. They develop heath problems sooner by not caring about themselves.
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  2. I exercise daily, drink plenty of water and I watch what I eat. I am more content with my life now than before. :) Those are great tips for people who want to live happy and healthier.

  3. I need to incorporate more exercising into my life.

  4. I really need to exercise more.Thanks for the tips.

  5. I really need to exercise more.Thanks for the tips.

  6. Exercise and sleep are the 2 things I do not get enough of.. I shall keep on trying though....

  7. These are great tips, thanks!

  8. Great tips! I could stand to work on all of these. I especially think I could benefit from weekly massages. It's an investment, butI think it would pay off in spades!

  9. These are some great tips! I myself am always so stressed!

  10. They are all good habits.Sometimes hard to incorporate into your life.

  11. All of these tips are helpful to remember to have a healthy life.

  12. I am having a hard time givng to myself. These are wonderful suggestions. I will try harder to practice these habits.

  13. These are great tips. I agree with them all. Self care is key. When you feel good you can do good.

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