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Top 7 Laundry Tips To Help #ProtectClothesYouLove

I have to work hard doing the laundry for our family. And y'all know it's never-ending.  So I find a balance of getting it done so that I won't become frustrated.

Laundry is like tax right?

Laundry is so much more than just getting things clean. It's so important to use products that will protect your clothing and other items.  As a family with one income, we need to be able to keep our clothes looking new for much longer and also be able to wear them!

I love when I can smell the fresh clean scent in my laundered clothing, bedding, and towels, days or weeks after they are done.

For instance, it feels so very good when you have taken a bath and get ready to dry off and your towel feels so very smooth and smells so lovely! What is the first thing you do?

Bury your face into it right?  LOVE IT!

And honestly, I've been using a very cheap brand when getting a fabric softener conflict with my grocery budget.

However, over the past week, I got the chance to try out the Downy Fabric Conditioner and our whole family loves it!

Just opening the bottle and I am delighted by the smell! When I add it to the rinse cycle, I get so excited because I can't wait to smell the clothing while moving them over to the dryer.  Trust me, even that is a good experience with this lovely smell!

When I remove the laundry from the dryer, I almost want to fold it all.

I'm teaching the kids to fold their own laundry, so I had to keep strong on that count.  But the Downy Fabric Conditioner definitely knows how to condition and gives me hope for our clothing keeping for much longer through all the washes!
There's a list that I share with them each time we do laundry. I hope it will help them as they get older and have to take care of their own family.


The favorite thing to wash is my daughter's sweater. She loves to wear this top. She had picked it out since she saw it at the store and loved it. It's really soft.  Downy Fabric Conditioner will help to keep it's color going strong, gives it a yummy smell, and make it feels even softer for her as she cuddles into it.  She squeals when it's clean!

The smell is also not over-powering, which is very good for my allergies. I would not want to dissolve into a sneezing fest.

You really have to try the Downy fabric Conditioner, at least once! It's easy to find at Walmart! I shop at Walmart all the time because it's agreeable with my budget and I can get most of what our family needs for our household.
They do have very comparable prices and great deals and even cash back if you so desire!

And if you love black clothing like I do, then you definitely need to protect them!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying care from this fabric softener for our family laundry.

Ultra Downy April Fresh Scent Liquid Fabric Softener:

Ultra Downy April Fresh Scent Liquid Fabric Softener protects fabrics like conditioner for your clothes.
Enjoy the fresh, floral scent that's been in homes for generations. Ultra Downy has seven benefits in every drop and is formulated to keep clothes exceptionally soft and fresh with less static, less wrinkles, less pills and fuzz, less color fade, and stretching. With just one cap you can also protect your clothes keeping them looking newer longer.

  • Protects fabrics so they look newer, longer
  • 7 benefits in every drop
  • Surround yourself with 3x the softening vs. detergent alone
  • Renews freshness over time with Renewing Scent Pearls
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and static cling
  • Keeps clothes looking and feeling amazing

Do you use fabric softener? Which one works best for you? 
Do you have another laundry tip to share? 

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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. I received a bottle of Downy fabric Conditioner to facilitate this review. 
Opinions are mine and other fact from brand site.

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  1. I love the scent of Downy. This is my favorite fabric softener.

  2. Downy--what a revered brand in our household! Love the softness, the fragrance, the ease of use. It's all good as far as we are concerned!

  3. A lot of people might find it funny, but doing the laundry is sort of like therapy for me. Maybe it's the quiet time, but maybe it's also the water and the bubble, who knows! Lol. These are awesome tips! Downy is a regular in our home!

  4. I super like your laundry tips, really helpful. We've been using downy ever since because it is a wonderful product.

  5. Its really different when your clothes come out soft and smell really good. These tips are really quite helpful. I'll go ahead and tell my Aunt about this.

  6. I love using Downy because it doesn't leave a very empowering smell on clothes, it is really refreshing.

  7. Use fragrance free fabric softener for my husband. I do love the smell of Downey though!

  8. We've been using downy for ages. I love its smell! Your tips are so helpful for me.

  9. Now that I'm about to move out from my mom's house..I should be implementing tips like these in my life hahaha thanks for the post!

  10. I never have used a fabric softener. I will check this out!

  11. When I was younger, I never used fabric softener. I thought we could do without it. I learned after trying one how much we were missing out! We love using Downy now.

  12. I love your laundry tips! It's great that you started them early with the chores. I love Ultra Downy and I've been using this for years.

  13. Laundry is a never ending chore that some people love to do and some people hate to do. It's just one of those inevitabilities of life. I did not know a few of those tips so thank you so much for sharing!

  14. I don't use fabric softner much, but I should be. I think it really helps out with clothes too. These are some great tips too.

  15. Great tips, love the smell of fresh laundered clothes. I hate having to do laundry especially because I don't want to fold pile of clothes at a time haha.
    xx, Kusum |

  16. We always turn everything inside out! I noticed that helps a lot!

  17. These are some great tips. My husband does the laundry so I will need to review these with him to assure we are keeping our clothes in the best shape possible

  18. I love any tips that help my clothes last longer. The longer and better shape they stay in the more I can save.

  19. Yuop love the smell of freshly laundered clothes. I use stay soft. Plus it makes for a great car airfresher lol.
    Awesome tips and product share thanks

  20. Im not good at laundry but this is making it easy!

  21. My hubby does the laundry at home, I'll make sure he reads this :)


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