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Don't Worry Be Happy Let It Rain - #Music For Wet Mondays

I'm still here trying to keep balance. It's hard, but blessings abound. We are still handling the flooding here.
Only my garage and yard was flooded. I need to get some stuff out the garage before mold set it. It's hard. Some shutters might rot.

Sadly we are expecting more rains from that invest 99l thing hanging out there in the gulf.

We are needing sunshine and rivers to recede, so that water can run off and things begin to work even better.

I am not looking forward to more rain, but I'm a bit prepared I think.

Welcome to another musical Monday.

Welcome to today's music.  Five years and going strong!  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding it's awful floods ruin everything in one swoop

    An apt choice too used to love this song it's gonna be on my mind now heheh!

    Have a nice day and hope you get sorted soon :-)

  2. Hey Baby Girl... Just remember I'll be watching you too because you belong to me too!!! hehehe Love your tunes... so practice what you preach young lady "DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY" ! You have beautiful healthy babies and a nice lookin' man that loves and supports all of you! Now what more can you ask for? Oh yeah, ME!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA I LOVES YA BABY!!! HUGS P.S. I gave you the linky why didn't you Post it for our Give-Away this way people won't have to hunt it down... Could you please put it up? TANKS LOVE YA GAL AND YOU'RE ALWAYS IN MY PRAYERS SO keep your head above water and put up your stuff for a while and get mold stuff to wash anything that's moldy... you don't want to mess with that crap. Oh if my typing is not so good it's because I'm performing my miracle that I do every couple of months hehehe~ Guess you can kinda say I'm turning back the hands of time (and covering my gray shhhhhhhhh don't tell)! hugs and I'm typing here without glasses... Have a rockin' week! HUGS TO MY BESTESt

    1. Thanks Dolly.
      You see much better than I do without glasses :)
      I was going to add the linky and giveaway form. The first post was a rush and I would finish later.
      It's up now.

  3. That is such a wonderful song for life.

    Prayers to you in your journey.

  4. Colette, don't you live in Louisiana? I have a terrible memory! We'll pray for the rain to end, the flooding to stop, and the waters recede. I know how scary that is. We're getting quite a few afternoon thunderstorms with some quite heavy at times. I don't like being caught on the interstate when those downpours happen, either. There's usually too much standing water for people to drive safely. Oh well, you certainly picked a great song to brighten your spirits amidst the worries. Here's to Mr. Blue Skies returning soon!

    1. Yes Cathy. This is where we live.
      Just something awful with flooding that was never expected.
      But God has been good.

      And I usually pull off the roadway when those heavy rains begin. I don't think it's safe and some drivers insists on speeding.

      Thanks Cathy. I appreciate.

  5. Hope Hermine doesn't have any sights on your house... It's probably going to screw with more than a few Labor Day plans.

    1. It swayed another way! It was not looking like it was swaying at first. But sad and thank God. Sad for the people in it's way and thank God for no more water coming this way right now.

  6. Great minds think alike and I really hope things calm down for you! Here is to a calmer few weeks.


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