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Let's Get Crafty - What Is Your Pinterest Project Success? #SocialInsiders

I am not crafty-minded, however, I can do craft by directions. After it's done, then I'm proud.

One of my crafty work is hair.

My daughter's hair needs to be done.  I sometimes put it in braids to keep it longer and we have less fuss between us, and perhaps neighbors wondering if they should call 911.

I save beautiful hairstyles on Pinterest and then have her pick the one she likes and then I go about getting it done beautifully for her.

She always loves them and my hard work (aching everywhere and lack of sleep) pays off.

This is one of the styles from my Pinterest page.

And you'll see how it looks below in my daughter's hair. I think she wore it once as should and then wanted it flowing :)
For some weird reason I can't find all the photos. They are probably on my broken phone.

What do you think? 

What are you saving up from Pinterest that you would love to do? Or have already done. Share with me below. 

Love The Style! - #braidsandtwists:

Let's Get Crafty!

You know you have like 100 Pinterest projects you have been waiting to try out. Pick one and try it. Blog about your project and share if it was a Pinterest win or Pinterest fail. Then share your experience with us!


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