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The Asian Slow Cooker Cookbook #Giveaway + $25 Amazon GC

I haven't had the chance to enjoy many Asian dishes, but I wouldn't mind making my own mini kitchen series with my family.

Do you like Asian cuisine? What is one of your favorite dishes?

Here's a chance win this nice prize pack! 


When we were growing up, my mom always made sure that there were a few vegetable dishes alongside our meals. She loved her veggies and taught us at a very young age to embrace bok choy, broccoli, eggplant, water spinach and anything else she could grow in her garden.

Whether you’re trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet or looking for new ideas, these meatless dishes are sure to keep your taste buds happy and your tummies full. 

They are infused with aromatic herbs and bold spices that you’ll welcome with open arms and might even make you want to skip over that Kung Pao Chicken.

asianslowcooker-tourthe-asian-slow-cooker-coverThe Asian Slow Cooker cookbook provides great new flavors to try in your slow cooker. These simple and delicious recipes will have your favorite Asian dishes waiting for you right when you get home.
With the press of a button, you can make authentic dishes that are healthier and tastier than their restaurant counterparts.

You’ll experience a wide variety of flavors; choose spicy, vegetarian, noodles or rice. There are even recipes that have 5 ingredients or less.

Extra long day? Kelly’s fuss-free one-pot and skillet recipes will have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less?and with only one pan to wash, cleanup will be a breeze.

Whether you’re in the mood for General Tso’s Chicken, Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken, Beef Chow Fun, Panang Curry, Mapo Tofu or Tom Yum Hot and Sour Soup, you can have fast, delicious meals every day of the week the easy way.

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Join the Release Day Party on Facebook November 15 Bio: Kelly is the blogger behind Life Made Sweeter. She is a self-taught baker and specializes in Asian cuisine. You kelly-biocan often find her in the kitchen dreaming up tasty new dishes that are quick and easy to make for her family. She enjoys using her slow cooker and adding a fun and healthy twist to many classic favorites. Follow Kelly on her social media!

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  1. Chicken Satay is my favorite Asian recipe. Now I want some Asian food for lunch!

  2. I like Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs.

  3. I love sweet and sour chicken

  4. I love Garlic Chicken. Then again, I also love Chicken Mei Fun.

  5. Sweet and sour chicken!!!

  6. Pho is so great in the winter

  7. I like orange chicken and shrimp fried rice. yum.

  8. When I lived in Korea I used to love the yaki mandu (I think that's how you spell it). It's basically fried dumplings but they were yummy!!! and super inexpensive so I went to town! :)

  9. This sounds like a good book. My mom was big on her veggies, but not so much so that she wanted me to be a vegetarian though (something I became very early in life because I just never did like meat). We used to go round and round, lol. :)

  10. For the giveaway: Vegetarian Asian Lettuce Wraps are my fave!

  11. I love orange chicken and fried rice


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