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4 Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe During Holiday Travel - #ooma

We don't get to travel as often as we used to when the kids were younger. We'd drive for two or three days to visit family and then two or three days to return home.
Those were long days and nights on the roadways.

It is always hard to leave your home for such long periods with no one to really check in, unless the neighbors are feeling kind.

Last time we traveled far to see family, I had to ask a neighbor to visit my home and feed our cats and clean their litter boxes.  She was so kind to agree. Oh what a relief!!!
I had first asked my neighbor, but couldn't get through to her at the last minute to leave keys. So this other neighbor who lived all the way around the corner came to our aid! God bless her!

Traveling for the holidays is something my family always looks forward to. There's no better way to close out the year than by hitting the road, singing holiday songs at the top of our lungs, spending time with family and friends, and eating delicious food.

But if you're anything like me, whenever you travel, a little voice in the back of your mind says, "Is my home safe? What if a fire breaks out? Could a pipe burst? Could a thief break in while I'm away?" So even though I love holiday travel, I'm never able to completely relax.

So I breathed a sigh of relief when I was contacted by Ooma—a leading internet home communications hub—with the opportunity to deliver 4 tips for keeping your home safe and secure when you're on the road this holiday. Before you lock your doors and hop in the car, make sure you follow these steps to ensure your home is safe.

Before leaving for an extended trip, it's important to lock in a safe temperature in your central heating system. If you live somewhere with cold winters, don't turn your thermostat off! To prevent your pipes from freezing, set the temperature lower than usual—ideally between 40 and 55 Fahrenheit. Live in a warmer climate? Leave the thermostat at about 69 Fahrenheit. Alternatively, you can completely avoid worry by controlling your thermostat remotely. Ooma detects when your thermostat is on "Away" mode and will automatically forward any home calls to your mobile device.

Always turn off gas-powered devices such as stoves, ovens, and fireplaces, and unplug all appliances. This can prevent any accidental fires and potentially hazardous carbon monoxide leaks into your home, as well as save energy. This is especially important if you have pets at home who can't defend themselves against unforeseen hazards. For an added layer of protection, be in the know—Ooma can warn you via text and direct you to call 911 when your Nest Protect smoke/carbon monoxide detector has been triggered.

When leaving home for several days, tell someone you trust where you'll be in case of emergency, such as a fire, burglary, or carbon monoxide leak. Friends staying in town or a thoughtful neighbor could be options. They can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and notify you of any out-of-the-ordinary occurrences. Ooma allows you to be notified immediately when 911 is dialed and you can call them or call police to investigate.

Thanks to technology, our homes are getting smarter and smarter. Did you know there are countless apps that can connect to systems in our homes—from central temperature to security systems, light bulbs to the Amazon Echo? The Ooma Telo seamlessly interacts with your favorite smart home products and services to make your home safer and more convenient than ever before. Whether it be increased levels of carbon monoxide or a home break-in, Ooma can be the first to alert you of any danger.

You can learn more about Ooma's home monitoring system and buy an Ooma Telo at

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Has an emergency ever happened at your home while you were away? Tell me about it in the comments below! 

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  1. I have the old version of Ooma! Loved it since the day I got it some decade plus ago. I now have best and other tech plug ins, but had no idea they can connect. Wow, need to check them out again. Thanks for the post!

  2. Ooma sounds like a great tech product to have. We did have an emergency when we were keeping an eye out on our neighbor's house when they were away. Their front door was wide open. We called the police who came to check it out. It turned out their front door had not latched closed and the wind blew it open.

  3. Such great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  4. These are some great suggestions whenever we are traveling. Great article. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. I think its good to have safety measures , and to make sure you use them . I like the fact that I can get my messages during even my day out or weekend away.

  6. I've never heard of Ooma before, but it sounds great! I usually follow most of these tips, especially the ones about unplugging small appliances. You can save so much in energy costs!

  7. My dad always kept the home safe during travel time. He was a police officer and always did little things to alert the family to thieves etc. I sure miss him. Great post!

  8. I totally have that little voice in the back of my head. "is everything okay"... I just try to leave it all in God's hands.

  9. Thanks So Much for Sharing These Very Important Safety Tips That I Think We All Need to Be Reminded of from Time to Time! The Other Day Our Fire Alarm Kept Beeping and I Kept Ignoring it b/c I Didn't Feel Like Getting a Ladder to Change the Batteries! I Did Eventually Change Them but This Just Reminds Me of How Important it is to Keep Safe All the Time! Thanks Again, Have a Wonderful Day! - Jana

  10. some good safety tips.

  11. Great tips! We have a great relationship with our next door neighbors and they have a key to our house so that when we are away they can leave the mail and water the plants. They always park one of their cars in the driveway and we have our lights on timers to that they come on a different times of the day to look like someone is home.

  12. Awesome tips! Thank you. We have a timer on several lights in the house. Makes it look someone is there.

  13. thank you! people forget these things! super important to keep your house safe

  14. These sound like good tips, my mom had her outside furniture stolen when she was away.


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