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Because It's Christmas - Health Update - 4Ms #Music

I was able to meet up with my doctor after another round of lab work.

I am responding well to the iron supplements given to me by my internal doctor! My hemoglobin and platelets are up. Just one point, but still up!
So she tells me to continue with the supplements and how I eat with the healthy choices and then we'll meet again in three months.

I was concerned very much. And so now I will not have to have a blood/iron transfusion.

God is good.


My daughter is in her practice for choir and they are also preparing a nice little Christmas program. I'm excited for them! I love that our church helps our children to be involved with these programs and missions.


The weekend has been very cold and rainy and expected to continue tomorrow Monday. I understand and accept it, but ew on the shoes :)
My garage and backyard were flooded last night, but the water receded early this morning so we could venture out for worship.

Now to wait for the right time to tackle projects.

Welcome to another musical week! Share with us and enjoy hopping around!

Give Me Christmas
Sidewalk Prophets
from the album Merry Christmas To You

Sidewalk Prophets

His Name Shall Be
Matt Redman
from the album These Christmas Lights

His Name Shall Be

Oh, can you hear the angels' song
That rang so sweet and clear
When heaven's light and music fell
And mercy found us here
Glory in the highest
And on the earth be peace
Glory to God the angels sing!

He came to tell the Father's love
His goodness and His grace
To show the brightness of His smile
The glory of His face
So glory in the highest
And on the earth be peace
Glory to God Your children sing

His name shall be called
Wonderful, Counselor
Mighty God, Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace for all eternity oh,
His name shall be

He came to lift the weary ones
Give peace and perfect rest
To take away our burdens and
To give a glorious gift
So glory in the highest
And on the earth be peace
Glory to God the world will sing!

One name above all others
One name that came to save us
Oh sing, His name is
His name is Jesus!

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*What if you didn't crave carbs and junk?
*What if your body was burning fat while you're eating your delicious holiday meal?
*What if you could indulge a little without the guilt or weight gain?
*What if you could actually LOSE weight through the holidays while feeling less stressed and having more energy?
All of these things are possible with Plexus! It's time to enjoy the holidays and feel your best!
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Welcome to today's music.  Five years and going strong!  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Glad that your health is getting better.

    Nice songs.

  2. Praise God... prayers do get answered. I must give my thanks this evening too! So happy for you sweetie! Love the tune you have chosen also. Have a great week...

  3. A couple of good songs here. And you must feel like you got the best present ever. Happy you're doing well.

    1. Thank you John. Heath is good.....great news!

  4. Callie, glad you got a good report. I'm wondering if the reason you're so anemic could be that at some point had an infection. I know when I was very sick three years ago because of the infection my body was trying to fight I got very anemic and while I was in the hospital they put me on IV iron and if that didn't work then a transfusion was the next step. Luckily the iron worked but when I left the hospital the doctor to get Vitron-C which is a high potency OT iron and I've been taking it ever since because my still slightly anemic. I enjoyed your Christmas mewsic selections. I've not heard of the Sidewalk Prophets before now. Have a glorious weekend, my friend and be well!

    1. Cathy, it seems I was this way before pregnancy, but not as pronounced. I had to take it with the pregnancies, but I thought after that it was no big deal and I didn't. I hate pills.
      A few years later and I'm almost falling down in a hospital bed, so I was put on a good one and went back up to good blood health.
      A stopped taking it again and in just a year, I was almost critical again.
      So I suppose I'll be taking this now for sigh.
      Thanks Cathy. *HUGS*

  5. Glad to hear it'going up. A point is a point. Love the Christmas music. :)

    1. I agree Rosey.
      Wish I could measure it myself :)
      Thanks Rosey.

  6. Love the great news.
    Keep taking your supplements!

  7. I am so happy that things are going good, I am so happy that you will not have to have the blood transfusion. and YES!! God is Great .. I tell people all the time to be joyous even in our troubled times because they are showing us a way to our happiness through Christ Jesus..

  8. Well it's Good to Hear You Got a Good Medical Report, Praise Be to God! I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Accident and I Have Had a Lot of Medical Problems Since Then! I Have Fibromyalgia and Bad Chronic Pain and I Have Been Thinking About Starting to Take Supplements but I Just Don't Know Which Ones to Take! I Guess I Could Look Online and See Which Supplements Help With What! Well Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Blessed Day! - Jana


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