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Gift Ideas For The Whole Family + #Giveaways - #GiftGuide 2016

I probably could do with quite a bit of things, including a new car, but I was trying to think of something I need and nothing came to mind. Maybe I'm learning to be content. However I still want a good laptop to handle blogging.

 What is something you really desire as a gift?

So here is my gift guide for this year.





Children Gifts


Miscellaneous Gifts

Stocking Stuffers: 
Hand warmers *Engraved pens * Jewelry * Nail polish essentials * Batteries * flashlight,
Scarf * Ear buds * Mini tool set * Mini sewing kit * Book light * Manicure set * Essential oils
Family ornament * Love letter * Sports Game Tickets * Luggage Tag * Golf Balls * Phone Case
Candy * Money Clip * Fast Food Gift Cards * Gloves * Sunglasses * Scented Car Freshener
iTunes Gift Card * USB Flash Drive * Pocket Knife  * Slipper Socks * Playing Cards
Shoe Polish * Hair products *Pencils *Notepads

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Depending if you are in the USA or Canada you’ll need either (USA) or (Canada)

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  1. Are your comments working? I was positive I commented... but maybe it just didn't go through. I don't even know what I said...probably somethign about a laptop (because yep, bloggers need one!) and maybe the phone (cuz yep, I want one, lol). My camera is taking dark pictures and not turning on sometimes, so that would be nice too. A blogger w/no working camera is never a pretty thing. :)

    1. I hope they are Rosey!
      But sometimes this happens to me too, so I think it's just bloggy glitches.
      Oh the phone thing is so annoying. I think the manufacturers do it on purpose.
      Same for the laptop!
      Hope you do get something nice soon Rosey. A blogger definitely need her camera!!!

    2. Thanks, Colette. :)

      As for the glitches w/the phones and laptops, I totally agree!

  2. I just bought a new Volt. My other car needed more repairs than it was worth, so we traded it in. I love not having to ever fill up the gas tank. I don't understand why everyone doesn't drive electric cars. They are the best!

  3. Colette, What I really really want is a new (new-to-me) house that's bigger than what we have! Our goal for 2017, should DH's new job turn into full-time employment is to try to get into a new place in 2017. We outgrew this place long, long ago and it would be more comfortable for the family to have the extra space for family gatherings. There's always a hundred other smaller things I can add to my wish list but the house tops the list. Have a very Merry Christmas, dearie!

    1. I hope you get your new house soon Cathy!


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