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Happy Easter Celebrations - Why?

We celebrate because of the hope of resurrection. If no resurrection, then why bother caring? 

Happy Easter Celebrations - Why?

The Hope Of The Resurrection:

"Easter means that in a world when injustice, violence, and degradation are endemic, God is not prepared to tolerate such things."

The hope that comes from the resurrection of Jesus

1. Hope that I can change 
Mark 14:49-50, Acts 5:40-41 , 8:3

God will move into your life and transform you. 

* You don't have the power to change yourself. There are character so deep-seated, that God has to work in you to change. 

2. Hope of having a place where I belong 
Acts 13:1-3, 20:4-6

*Everything that is going on today was also happening during the time of Jesus walk on earth. 

3. Hope that death is not the end of my story
Acts 1:3-6, 17:31-32, 7:59, 20:7-12

*There's a universal fear about our own mortality

* There is another chapter after this life

4. Hope that justice will eventually reign
Acts 2:44-45, 4:32, 20:35

*If the resurrection didn't happen, then why do you care? Why do you care about injustice of any kind? 

* The church runs with social justice because of the hope of Jesus' resurrection. It will all be made right some day. 

5. Hope of a direct, personal, love relationship with God. 
Acts 4:12, 8:26, 9:1-6, 13:2, Romans 5:11, John 1:12

*There's this gnawing sense of aloneness in this world. 
This gnawing sense of who am I? ...of why am I here? 

Jesus holds out his gift of salvation for us to find the answers by giving us hope. 

It's your choice. Choose for yourself today. 

Happy Easter y'all. 

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