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Ethnic Count - Jamaican Woman 4Ms #Music

Life goes on. My kids are getting used to their school. They have good and bad teachers. I really think some teachers, just teach for pay and not because they care about kids or love teaching. They seem to crave the power of making the kids lives miserable, and ensure the school is more like army drill each day.

I try to give my children a safe place to land in the evenings after school.  And I also encourage them not to be afraid of anyone. I will be behind them as long as they work hard, be respectful and are always honest.

I suppose I can see why the teachers would prefer to use fear and threats to keep the kids in line since they have such high counts in their classrooms, but that can't be the only way to get kids to cooperate.
But the world is a rope, we keep mastering it as best as we can.

There is, however, one thing that bugs me. The teachers do ethnic counts in their classrooms. My kids are mixed and they are told that they can only put their hand up for one part of their race and not the other. This befuddles me. If they are doing a count of how many different races are in the classroom, how will a count that is lopsided correct? I might have to speak to someone. And why do they need to do this again in the classroom when parents already filled out this question on the registration forms? My kids said they and other kids in their classes were so uncomfortable with the whole deal.

I applied for a job at the new place that they are opening down the road. It's a super1foods store. We'll see if they call me. I have pits in my stomach about it.

Welcome to music to salve some of this tug and pull on the hearts. Let's dance y'all!

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Welcome to today's music.  Five years and going strong!  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Luvin' you Jamaican Woman! That beat is so catchy as soon as it starts. You just have to get up and bounce... or bounce in your chair. Now this teacher business. Girlfriend don't take that crap from nobody! Report her to her peers immediately. You cannot treat children like that. What she wants them to put a half an arm up! ooooooooooooo I'm soooooo burned. I wish I could hop on a plane & go with you in the morning. That woman will NOT forget me anytime soon! So unfair & prejudice too! These are children.. the future of America. Does she want them treating her grandchildren like that maybe??? Do the other teachers do that too? Wait your children are not in the same room so do both of their teachers say that to them? grrrrrrrrr my poor babies give them each a hug from their Auntie Marie... I don't get it.. now if they're counting how many are on let's say public aid I can understand that because the school gets so much money from the government on that count, but ethnic? Nope, never heard of such a thing. If they counted my children back in the day they would've had a heck of a time. My kids are more like Heinz 57!!! bwahahahahhaha Let me know what happens with that when you go talk to someone I'm so curious!!!! BIG HUGS... LUV THE TUNE!

  2. I think you're right: there are some teachers who just do it for the paycheck and really could care less whether or not the kids learn. I do think that, if the highlight of a teacher's day is making the kids miserable, they really need to find a new career. Of course, that's not always easy. I went to a Catholic school run by an order of nuns who were teachers and missionaries, and I'm sure there were some who were pressed into service as teachers when they would have rather been missionaries. (I know, the two jobs are not mutually exclusive.) My stepfather, who had been a priest, loved teaching and was pressed into service as a pastor. He did a great job running our parish, but he wanted to get back to the classroom.

    Love the song. Kind of in the same spirit as The Beach Boys' "California Girls."

  3. That is one catchy tune! I think the ethnic counting is a shame. I hope you do have some success in talking to their administration. No one should ever have to "take sides" regarding any part of their heritage.

  4. I enjoyed the song! Thanks for sharing. I hope they call you for the job.

  5. Colette,

    What's this ethnic count thing? Not having had our kids in public school, I do not know of these things. Schools teach to not discriminate and yet they institutionalize these sorts of practice? Now, that's just crazy! Unfortunately, there will always be someone who sees the color of one's skin instead of the person. In God's eyes were all the same. That's the way we should see others, too. Best of luck to you getting that job. I can imagine having butterflies in your stomach. I'd love to find work to do at home. It wouldn't pay to work outside the home, since we only have the one car. That certainly would mean I'd have to get a car which means a monthly payment. I'm sure a new job would be difficult to cover it, too. Oh I enjoyed your Jamaican Woman song which is new-to-me. I felt like I was on a faraway island enjoying the sun on my face and surf and sand on my toes. :) Have a good day, my friend!


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