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Your Beauty Routine Made Easier With Divatress

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I remember a time when I used to love my own hair (of course I still do), I took pride in getting it done for work and whatever social gathering I needed to attend. I'm not saying it didn't take some time to get dolled up, but it was my lovely locks.

When I got married I did enjoy my lovely locks during my marriage ceremony and even after.

I remember when I turned to wigs.
We were in debt and I realized that each time I'd go to the salon (perhaps every three or six months), the bill was more and more expensive! And of course, there was tipping that needed to be done.
So I decided we just didn't have the money for my salon visits. I stopped going and started to do my own hair. This was rewarding and challenging.

Then I found out about wigs and ordered my first one after months of research!

At first wearing the wigs made me so self-conscious that it would fall off, or get hooked and pulled off, or someone would pull it off or whatever wig mishaps my mind could conjure!

Then I learned about the various types of wigs. There are all type, size, style, and brands of wigs.

The lace front wig is one of my very favorites and I can find so many different styles that will work well with my features.

The wigs have saved me tons of time in getting ready to get out the house!

The wigs range from high to low prices and many wigs are put on sale and clearance throughout the year. There is always something to fit your budget!
I find that with care, I can also wear one unit close to a year. Of course, it depends on the style and texture, whether synthetic, human or other.

Have you ever worn a wig? Would you wear one? 

Learn more:
Divatress is a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs and hair care products. Clients range from professional stylists, beauticians, working mothers, students, etc.

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  1. I hadn't thought about wigs tbh. I want my hair blonde but treating it I hate the condition it becomes like. May have to look into it. Knew about all the different types as my mom had to have one.

  2. The selection of hair wigs they offer is great! I have a friend going through chemo and she just raves about this site and how it makes her feel like a million bucks! Apparently the quality is amazing as well, as I had no idea she used a hair wig!

  3. I have never worn a wig. The quality of wigs has gotten so much better so I would try one.

  4. I have had wigs in my studio they are amazing to work with and people get a he confidence boost from trying them!! thanks for this great insight.Fab blog!

  5. Growing out my hair (from a buzz cut), I heavily relied on wigs so totally agree with your approach - so easy and lovely!

  6. I have never worn a wig, but my mother-in-law used to wear them all the time. I think it would be fun to be able to change your hair with a wig.

  7. I have never worn one, but always wanted to. There are some gorgeous ones out there. I wouldn't know where to begin though.

  8. Salon visits can really be expensive and upkeep becomes so often it really adds up. I've not worn wigs or thought about it, but I guess it can be a great alternative to all of the time and money spent at the salon.

  9. I have never wore one before but I like the idea of changing hair styles.

  10. Ive only ever worn one for like costumes and such but I know a few of my friends love them. Divatress looks like it has a ton of styles to choose from.

  11. I've never worn a wig before but I can imagine how amazing it would be to not have to get ready. I love all the options you have.

  12. When my mom got cancer, she had to wear a wig. After she was in remission, she kept wearing them because she said it was much easier!

  13. I actually have never worn a real wig before. I have always wanted to try a few on just to see.


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