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Three Things Most Romance Books Get Wrong - The Simple Soul of Susan

There are a lot of ways a romance book can go wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the top offenders!

  • Perfect Protagonist. So often many protagonists are perfect and spend their time waiting for the object of their desire to finally realize their perfection. In additions, the protagonist wants the object of their desire to change for them and become the person that completes them. It takes two people changing to make a relationship great. 
  • Unattainable HEA. In the end the characters become world leaders and win the noble peace prize and they live happily ever after. Life doesn't have to be perfect to have a happily ever after. It's ok if they are messy because that is how life is! 
  • Unrelatable Characters. ‘Young ridiculously successful woman who is passionate about the Lower American Moth Embassy (LAME) falls in love with her Uber driver... who kills moths with his car unintentionally.’ So many times romance novels have characters with ultra-specific life goals and interests making the characters themselves unrealistic and therefore unrelatable. Sure we want to live vicariously through the successful women and eclectic characters, but too often their passion is either cliché or too specific. I also don't like defining a character solely based on their likes and passions. People can't be defined by the rings they like, preferences change. People change. We are dynamic and characters in books are no different. 
If you are looking for a romance book that gets these right, check out the Simple Soul of Susan. Video trailer:


“Simple is as simple loves.” Susan Combs had long ago found the love of her life. The only problem was the other party still didn’t know he had been found. Every day Susan saw Calder Hurtz, her next door neighbor and childhood best friend. They always enjoyed the short drive to school down the dusty streets of their small Texas town. She was happy in those perfect moments, for her life at home was most imperfect. The challenging homestead she inhabited was also the favorite subject of local gossip. But one autumn day she overhears two boys having a conversation.

This occasion of accidental audience sets Susan’s life on an unforeseen path. In the seasons to come, her future will be changed by two hospitalizations, two confessions of love, and one betrayal. Compulsively readable, The Simple Soul of Susan is an engaging, soul-endearing romance and a mesmerizing debut.

Buy on Amazon Born and raised in a small Texas town, Noel Branham started her career in digital communications after graduating with a degree in English. An award winning communicator, she now writes from her home in Florida about things closest to the heart: home, family, and love. Her debut novel will be published Fall 2017.

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  1. I don't read romance books these days. I did when I was much younger though, and the three mistakes you mentioned did create a resounding theme. ;)


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