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4 Minute Hate for 4Ms?

I love finding new music to feature.
This morning I woke up to messages from my husband telling me about a new group he is listening to!!!

4 Minute.

I looked them up and the songs my husband suggested and then, of course, the translations. And you know my fertile mind is working overtime :D .
But anywho, here's a look at one of the new group...


Your eyes are telling me
Liar liar liar, don’t lie to me
I don’t wanna know anymore
I don’t wanna know know know
Not anymore, no no no, it’s over
Go, go, this is it for us
Get out get out turn around and go
Our love had only hatred left

I see the end of our seemingly endless love
Don’t drag for absurd excuses
It’s late, it’s over

Go go go, rather than being like this
Done done done, rather than fighting against each other
Go go go, I just can’t take it any more
Leave me alone, leave me alone

I hate you, hey no no
I don’t need you, hey no no

I hate you
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
I don’t need you
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate

I write answers to the questions which haven’t got answers
I now get to have doubt instead of crush
Rather than being like this we’d better break up
If I get lonely with you, I get lonely alone

I don’t wanna know
All same excuses everyday
I don’t wanna do
All same arguments everyday
It meaningless, I am tired

We do not have answer
I hate you, hate you
I hate you now

I hate you, hey no no
I don’t need you, hey no no

I hate you
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
I don’t need you
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate

Go, go, get out, get out
Go, go, get out, get out

We fell in love like crazy
I was dragged by you like a fool
You did too much,
you crossed the line

I hate you, hey no no
I don’t need you, hey no no

Image may contain: text

I hate you
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
I don’t need you
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate
Hate, hate, I hate you, hate

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sunglasses and text
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Welcome to today's music.  Five years and going strong!  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Colette,

    I wasn't expecting the lyrics to actually talk about hate, so it made me sorta sad to read them. I know some relationships are like this song and I guess that's what makes me sad. How does one love and then hate? I hope this is something I never experience but I'm sure everyone hopes for the same. Thanks for sharing this new-to-me band. Have a dancetastic week, my friend!

    1. Relationships should never be like that.
      Odd song.

  2. New to me also. I enjoyed there sound. I will be checking them out more.

  3. Whoa, now they are truly different my friend, but that's a great dance tune... I think... well, it was at times. Words were a little difficult to catch, but I'm definitely going to tell my granddaughter about this one I think she'll love it! Thanks for turning us all on to it! BIG HUGS! HAVE A ROCKIN' WEEK!

    1. Not sure I'd want to introduce the kiddies to this one Doll.

  4. Definitely different. I don't hate it! And not what I expected from the beginning chords of the music - though I should have expected it from the lyrics, LOL! I need that one girl's cateyes!

    Hello there again from's been a while, but I hope I'm back!

    Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

  5. Interesting choice for a song. I liked it! Wonder if any K-Pop artists will cross over?

  6. A lot of cross cultural stuff going on - I enjoyed the song once I got past about the one minute mark. Too bad that they, apparently, have disbanded.

    1. I didn't even know about the disband. haha


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