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Maddy & Cole: The Food Truck Grand Prix

Richie Frieman Launches New Children's Book:
Maddy & Cole: The Food Truck Grand Prix, Vol. 1
out March 13, 2018

Reading stories about children overcoming their obstacles by using their determination and confidence, has always been an uplifting way to encourage kids to achieve their dreams. But it seems as though we don’t see many of these stories anymore among the YA section. Luckily, award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, Richie Frieman, is launching his new children’s book which encompasses all of that!

The book is called Maddy & Cole: The Food Truck Grand Prix, Vol. 1 (The Omnibus Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9986811-5-3) and it is being released on March 13, 2018.

Frieman says about his latest work, “This book is intended to empower little girls to believe in themselves and be leaders. Maddy stands up to her competition not with aggression, but with creativity, determination and heart in order to achieve her dreams.”

Dr. Danny Brassell, internationally-acclaimed speaker and best-selling author of 15 books, including Read, Lead & Succeed, says, “Every underdog has a tale, and I’m a sucker for underdog stories. If you’re looking for a fun book, I highly recommend you grab a copy of Maddy & Cole. It’s the first in a series, and I cannot wait for future volumes. The pages practically turn themselves.”

About the book: 
In the premier edition of the Maddy & Cole series, the Food Truck Grand Prix takes you on an adventurous ride filled with heartwarming twists and gut-wrenching turns through the delicious world of an elite food truck competition.

Maddy works alongside her younger brother, Cole, her parents, best friend, and her grandfather, Pop Pop Fantastico, and his Fantastical Food Truck, to compete for the trophy and fortune that comes with it.

However, the sparkling gold trophy is not so easy to win. Along the way, she finds the road is fraught with many obstacles, including stiff competition, unexpected twists and her own self-doubt.
They encounter everything from over-the-top chefs with exotic recipes from around the world, competitors fighting to take the top spot with scheming plans, and their own doubt of confidence.

Yet, through Pop Pop’s mysterious past, as well as a family secret, Maddy and Cole learn there is more to running a food truck than simply working the grill; you need passion, creativity and – as Pop Pop shows them – magic! In the end,

Maddy learns that belief in oneself, passion and integrity are far more valuable than anything money can buy. Learn why any dream worth chasing is never easy to achieve, and why every underdog has a tale.

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  2. Thank you for this kind review! We are excited to lunch this new series 3/13 which includes the madras heart, amazing pancakes, and of course the Maddy and Cole Cookie! We even got to taste the cookies yesterday - you're going to LOVE them! The Omnibus Publishing

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