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Updating The Musical Eye

I've had two appointments with the retina specialist.
My eyes have healthy strength and the one good eye has good vision with glasses.

There are things in my eye and he mentions going in and doing another surgery to clean those out or just watching it and see if it gets worse or become bothersome to see.
As always I opt for the wait and see, after all, I just had a surgery on my eye earlier in the year.

So while there is quite a bit of floating things in my eye, much different from what was there before, I'll adjust. I can already feel my brain adjusting.
And I just have to remind myself not to bat at or try to catch the thing beside me. No. It's not a bug Colette, it's a floaty!
It's life.

Now to attend to this lawsuit coming up next week.

Thank you for praying for me. I really appreciate it. *HUGS*

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  1. Colette,

    I'm glad to hear the good mews of your eye health. I hope your vision continues to improve. You're in my thoughts concerning the lawsuit. God will see you through this ordeal. Blessings to you, my dear!

  2. I'm glad your eyes are improving - I'd do the same "wait and see" mode first to see if they clear up all the way on their own. :) I'll definitely keep praying for you about the frivolous lawsuit - hopefully the judge will see how ridiculous it is, considering they hit you (and since it's the passenger, obviously they're in it for a payday.) My brother was in a motorcycle accident many many years ago - he was 'at fault', so the driver settled with his insurance company, but the passenger of the car that hit him sued him because they were so traumatized by seeing him fly up on the car (I know, right?!) they weren't able to work. Luckily the judge saw right through the motives of the passenger - if anyone should have been traumatized, it should've been my brother...he almost died in that accident.

    Lovely tune! Thanks for the introduction! :)

  3. Glad your eyes are improving!

  4. If only more people heeded the message of your song selection! I am continuing to think of you and hope that lawsuit is thrown in the trash heap it deserves.


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