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Mr. Mom - Family Is A Full Time Job

I got to preview this upcoming series and I have to say that every single part of this series is relatable in one way or all together!

This show Mr. Mom, kept my attention and if I missed anything, I had to rewind!

I don't want to spoil it too much for you but I'll share just a few tidbits.

I remember going on a job interview and it was all set for me, except I had to work on Saturdays also and the thing is, During the week, my kids were at school and I get to go home before they got out of school. It was perfect! The job was so perfect that I almost thought of having them come sit in a booth while I worked on those Saturdays! I had to turn down the job :(  So this episode of the mom bringing the kids to an interview and stashing them in a booth across the room resonates so much!

Another part in the series touched on 'forgotten Anniversary' and I'm sure this has happened more often than not :) How do you work through that little hiccup?

This definitely held my attention and I'm so glad that I got the priviledge to watch the entire season in one go or I'd go nuts if I missed an episode!

I hope you got to see the premiere and if you have not, then please catch up and let me know your thoughts.

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Based on the classic eighties hit film written by John Hughes and starring Michael Keaton, this series is a modern retelling of Mr. Mom.

Megan (Andrea Anders) and Greg (Hayes MacArthur) are at a parenting crossroads. After five years raising their two kids at home, Megan has unexpectedly landed her dream job.

Greg’s career is anything but a dream job, so after several failed attempts at securing childcare he abruptly quits in order to take his turn as the stay-at-home parent. He’s thrust headlong into a world of tantrums, diapers and cheese sticks, all while finally attempting to get his start-up off the ground.

Megan quickly finds out just how much has changed as she reenters a workplace filled with overeager millennials and strange new terms like Slack and hot-desking. It’ll take all the patience these two parents can muster as they try to raise their kids, make ends meet, and find a little time for their marriage.
Hayes MacArthur (Merry Happy Whatever, Angie Tribeca, Super Troopers 2) and
Andrea Anders (Young Sheldon, The Good Fight)

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