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Please Support Our Sweet Endeavor with OtisSpunkmeyer

Hey y'all, my daughter is doing the fundraising for her school. If you would love to support her in this endeavor of sweetness, please shop with her link below and her group ID "WB3ZN"

Visit and click "SHOP NOW"

Log in with the Group ID "WB3ZN" and click GO

Please choose Victoria Sears as the registered seller to support.

1. You can choose to ship items to your group on delivery day or have items shipped directly to your home as soon as the order is processed.

2. If you have registered, items can only be shipped to your home!

3. Home delivery is limited to non-frozen and non-refrigerated items!

4. Payment is accepted via credit card or PayPal

Sale dates are August 29-September 13, 2019

Our Success Depends On You!! Thank you!

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  1. Callie,

    Best of luck to your daughter's school fund rasier. I gave a tweet out. Hope that helps. Blessings to you, darlin'!

  2. Thank you Cathy. I appreciate it.


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