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It's Friday...But Sunday's Coming

It’s Friday.
The Romans beat my Jesus.
They robe him in scarlet.
They crown him with thorns.
But they don’t know.
That Sunday’s comin’

It’s Friday.
See Jesus walking to Calvary.
His blood dripping.
His body stumbling.
And his spirit’s burdened.
But you see, it’s only Friday.
Sunday’s comin’

It’s Friday.
The world’s winning.
People are sinning.
And evil’s grinning

It’s Friday.
The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands.
To the cross.
They nail my Savior’s feet.
To the cross
And then they raise him up
Next to criminals

It’s Friday.
But let me tell you something.
Sunday’s comin’

It’s Friday.
The disciples are questioning.
What has happened to their King.
And the Pharisees are celebrating.
That their scheming.
Has been achieved.
But they don’t know.
It’s only Friday.
Sunday’s comin’

It’s Friday.
The earth trembles.The sky grows dark.
My King yields his spirit

It’s Friday.
Hope is lost.
Death has won.
Sin has conquered and Satan’s just a laughin’

It’s Friday.
Jesus is buried.
A soldier stands guard.
And a rock is rolled into place

But it’s Friday.
It is only Friday.
Sunday is a comin’!

by SM Lockridge

Jesus Loves You!.💛. Keep walking with the King 👑.

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  1. Colette,

    Excellent share! Someone from my teen years, maybe it was my late pastor, would use the phrase It's Friday but Sunday is coming and it always filled my heart with delight because I knew death couldn't keep my Savior down. Have a blessed Easter!

    1. That is special.
      I'm glad you had such a good Pastor. Thank you for visiting with me, Cathy. <3


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