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How to Make the Most of this Summer

Summer vacations may look a bit different this year due to COVID-19, with most people planning to take road trips rather than flying, if they travel at all, according to one recent survey, but there are plenty of other ways to make the most of the season. 

Fly a Kite

This summer might be the perfect time to bring back activities you enjoyed as a child, like flying a kite. They aren't expensive, and it's the perfect excuse to visit one of your local parks with a big grassy lawn or the beach. Catching the breeze and releasing it into the sky is almost a meditative experience, causing stress to melt away, bringing a calming sensation that quickly turns to happiness and joy for a timeless summer activity.

Plant a Garden

If you recently moved into a new home after buying one of the Charlotte houses for sale, or a place just about anywhere else, this summer is a great time to plant a garden. Nothing says “summer” quite like getting your hands dirty and creating life. The key to gardening in this season is choosing the flowers and vegetables that will thrive during this time of year. Do some research to determine what's best to plant in your area - typically, some of the best options for summer planting are vegetables that require long days and warm temperatures like cucumbers, autumn and winter squash, corn, peppers and bush beans.

Just imagine taking your first bite of a vegetable you just grew in your own garden, enjoying the harvest of your labor. While the best part may be the end result, the entire process brings joy from planting the seeds and watching them blossom to the picking.

Go Camping

Summer is the perfect time of year for camping, disconnecting from all those electronic devices and getting reconnected with nature while giving your brain a break from the fast pace of life. In the quiet of nature, you can clear your mind while enjoying the beauty that's all around you, waking up to the songs of the birds instead of the buzz of your alarm. Spend your days hanging out at a lake or a river, enjoying walks through the woods, and your evenings around a campfire. 

Be a Tourist In Your Own Town

When you live somewhere for a while, you start to forget the many things your own town has to offer. This summer, see it through the eyes of a tourist, treating it as if it's a brand new place to visit by doing some research on all it has to offer. You could check out all the local landmarks, visit the museums, or even take a walking tour. If you aren't sure what to do or think you've done it all, head to your chamber of commerce, visitor center, or even a local motel lobby to pick up flyers and brochures in the kiosks. Talk to the staff about what they usually recommend to tourists too - odds are, you'll be surprised to find there are lots of things about your town you weren't aware of. 

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