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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Smartphones For Your Family

I am saving up to purchase a smartphone without all the strings attached. 

Of course, these phones are either a great deal of savings or months of expense so I know I have to research well and make a wise choice. 

I've always had the Samsung Galaxy but my kids are HOPING to get themselves an iPhone anything and I do mean anything!! 
At present my son is saving up for an iPhone 7 or 8 and my daughter wouldn't mind the same, but just wants to have a smartphone. 

They are teens right now and I think it's a good time for them to have a phone. I don't expect them to be completely responsible all the time but they know my expectations and what consequences are. 

My Samsung is alright but I really want a great camera! I take pics of everything! And until I can save up for a good Nikon or Canon, I'll stick with the phone camera. 

I've been browsing on the Amazon website and really love the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I save all the things y'all! 

The top five points for me loving this phone: 
  • Camera
  • Storage
  • Battery life
  • Big screen
  • Dust-free - Please tell me this is true!! 

We are all on a budget so let's go with the top five phones you can afford on a budget: 

1. iPhone SE
  • Nice audio
  • Good camera/photos
  • You get the lower end of the iPhones with many of the interesting features

2. Moto G Power  
  • I read that it had a 3-day battery life y'all!!
  • Low price tag
  • Good performance 

3. TCL 10L
  • Nice display
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cool design

4. Google pixl 3a 
  • If you love taking pictures, then this is a good deal in your budget. 📷
  • Long battery life.
  • Just take note that there is an upgrade coming. 

5. Galaxy A51
  • A nice design
  • Quad lens camera
  • Nice display

All these listed, minus the iPhone Pro Max are budgeted between $200 - $500. I can say that is definitely manageable over a phone that costs over $1000.00! 
I understand that you can pay monthly but not everyone can add something else to their already stressed out budget. 

Tell me, what kind of phone do you have and what are the top features that you love most? 

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  1. I owned few Samsung in the past. They are pretty good and user friendly.

  2. I had been using IPhone since many years then I had moved to samsung in this feb. Good experience.

  3. Love this post and I recently got an iPhone 11 after years of saying no as they are so pricey but have to say it was the best decision ever! The camera is better than my $800 Canon! Do not get me wrong... but I find myself just using my iPhone for my pictures as they are that good and I did pics of the same items with my Canon and then. my iPhone and I used the ones from my phone as they came out better. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This blog post is truly very helpful and useful one for every of reader..glad you shared these with us..great work though...

  5. Thanks for the list. These smart phones fulfil the needs on the budget. I have got iphone 11 it's just amazing.

  6. I love the price point on all of these. I got a one plus recently and the price is great and the camera is even better.

  7. I love Samsung Galaxy phones. My last 3 phones where Samsungs and I wouldn't change the brand

  8. Great list you have in there. I use to have Samsung phone but ever since I switch to iPhone, I didn't change anymore as I find it user friendly.

  9. I have the iPhone 11 pro max and I love it. I use it to vlog whenever I leave my canon at home and the quality is amazing.

  10. I DESPERATELY want a google pixl!! The camera is awesome!

  11. I have heard some good things about the SE as far as the price. I'm curious how it measures up to the rest of the latest iPhone Features.

  12. This is a really useful list if you're looking to buy a phone! Camera quality is definitely a must for me, as well as processing speed. I think it's funny how dedicated people are to their brand of phone. As long as it works well and has good reviews, I am willing to shop across brands.

  13. This is a great post about smartphones! I found it so interesting! Thank you for sharing!


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