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A Nail In The Tire

When it rains it pours right? 


We are low on funds to the point that I haven't been able to purchase uniforms or anything for my kids for school. 

Grocery shopping is something where we just buy breakfast essentials at this point.  

I am applying for everything trying to find a job. 

Then this happens to my husband's truck. A nail in the tire. 
He put on the spare. It's dry rot. Ugh. 
There is no money for wheels! 

Someone sent me this video on how to patch it, but I heard it's dangerous to patch such a tire because there can be a blowout! That could be very dangerous!

Have you had this issue and how did you deal if you didn't have the finances to do so? 

Anyway, here's the link to where I was reading up on how to patch the tire. 

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